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5 inspirational log home blogs to get ideas from

Glulam log homes are becoming an increasingly popular mode of living. From tiny modular cabins to lavish log cabins homes – glulam designs are bringing on a whole new wave of popularity in the field. This is because glulam house design allows more flexibility and is not burdened by dimension and form requirements of the classic log cabin. In essence, bespoke log homes now have a lot of design freedom with the advent of glue lamination.

With all this freedom of expression regarding glulam log homes, it comes as no surprise that people need sources for ideas. These can range from the overall looks of the log house, like the roof shape, size to interior log cabin floor plans, etc. Ideas are also necessary for log cabin interior designs, outdoor arrangements and even the entire philosophy of living your life in glulam houses.

So, in this post, we have decided to cover top 5 blogs to look at for inspiration. Not just for the design purposes, but also for general trends and offerings you can make to your clients.

Cottonwood Creek

A wholesome blog from the family who built their log home from scratch themselves. It’s a great platform to discover the joys of living in bespoke log homes, as well as inspirations for constructing one of your own. If it’s something your clients would be interested in, you can always recommend a safe option for ordering glulam log cabins in parts that they can later assemble. Overall, it’s a great first step blog for log cabin living.

Log Cabin Hub

A great site for all things related to glulam log cabins and more. Here you will find things like design ideas, FAQs about purchasing a log home or building your own. There’s plenty of information as well, regarding what it takes to build bespoke log cabins from scratch, or what to look for when buying log houses that have been lived in.

Log Cabin Connection

Perfect to refer to when clients ask to get in touch with bespoke log cabins community. This blog is filled with discussions, advice exchange, design ideas and other useful engagement by a true log cabin-loving community.

Log Home Neighbourhood

A large collection of blog posts from industry specialists and community members. It’s filled with useful information from various sources, curated and selected for high-quality content. The neighbourhood is filled with design ideas, log home manufacture insights, log home living advice and more useful information.

The Shelter Blog

A site dedicated to unconventional bespoke log cabins solutions and ideas. This blog showcases all kind of interesting log cabin solutions: the design, building, placement, construction and more. Your clients can either get ideas for truly unique bespoke homes, or simply get acquainted with what can be achieved with glulam log homes.

Honourable mentions

Certainly, you can follow Eurodita‘s blog on glulam log homes. We provide much insight into the industry, out process, the design, models and possibilities of made to measure log cabins. However, there are also a couple of honourable mentions that didn’t quite make it into the list: Backwoods Home for people interested in living a self-reliant lifestyle. And the Small Cabin – a discussion platform to have real-time conversations about everything log cabins-related.

Final thoughts

For clients hoping to build their dream bespoke log homes, take time to educate them about log cabins in general. Get them in touch with communities or provide an avenue of inspiration, so their dreams could be visualised and you could provide them with the glulam house design they wanted. Take time yourself to browse through current trends and production options. Always stay informed to make each client happy with their glulam log homes.


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