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Vacation destination: is your accommodation ready?

The 2020 has been particularly challenging for the tourism industry. It’s an undeniable fact that many have gone out of business, or were forced to make concessions on price and other aspects. Nevertheless, accommodation and tourist destination businesses that have a chance to successfully emerge from the global pandemic have a serious task ahead of them. The future wave of tourists, emerging from the stifling lockdown is likely to be quite difficult to manage. For this wave, businesses that offer accommodation and so-called staycations, there will be a huge need for preparation. From improving order intake process and catering services, to renewing accommodations themselves while offering clients something truly special after the long months of isolation.

Eurodita is always prepared to help our partners in the tourism industry with top notch accommodation options. Our camping pod selection is going to be a huge help here. So, in this post, we would like to present out camping pods, options to choose from, the sets that they come in and ease of delivery.

Glamping pods trend

Glamping is a very well established and often the preferred holiday option. It’s the glamorous camping that popularised the notion of staycation – an extended holiday, where people stay in one place and engage in activities, related to that place. Guests like that prefer to enjoy the outdoors without giving up their urban luxuries. This is where camping pods come in. They are exactly made for a prolonged staycation and have everything necessary to make it great.

Unique and luxurious camping pods are at the top of the wishlist for many guests, even in the super restricted times like these. Each pod is built from high quality Norther pine. It’s also equipped with furniture, electric installation, various glamping supplies. All camping huts are unique in their own way, whether it’s size, interior planning or the inclusion of amenities. But all camping pods come with elegant design, providing luxury experience.

Whether you are running campsites, caravan parks, holiday villages or straight up glamping sites, marinas or outdoor adventure centres – it’s time to offer your guests something truly special. After the quarantine is over and we can all breathe a sigh of relief, holidaymakers will be out looking for something comfortable and memorable, to mark their first true vacations after a long self-isolation at home.

Easy setup and delivery

Another great thing about adding glamping pods to your facility is the fact that they are very easy to transport and setup. Our luxury camping pods usually arrive flat packed in parts, but can also be delivered fully pre-assembled. Their general shape and size allows these pod cabins to be loaded onto a standard lorry. They also do not require special foundation and can be placed straight onto the designated spot. The pod home kits are very inclusive, containing not just the general frame, but also roof tilings, interior walls (if any), furniture, windows, doors and more. It’s a true luxury experience, not just for your guests, but for you as a business owner as well.

Partner program 

Our luxury camping pods can be purchased as part of our partner program. We currently hold 100% customer satisfaction rating, signifying our focus on good customer service and high quality products. We invite all business owners who run recreational accommodation to consider renewing or upgrading their selection from our catalogue. This way, you will be informed of the options available and will get a chance to prepare for the inevitable surge in tourism.

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