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We started small and grew to become the custom manufacturer of choice.

1994 was the year that Eurodita was founded in an environment known as wild capitalism. We began proudly as our country was able to leave the Soviet bloc just two years prior to our establishment. There was no one right or wrong way of starting a business at that time. There weren’t many success stories and no established players. And there wasn’t much international business.

It was this environment that would shape our business values, our customer service approach, and our desire for mutual growth with Eurodita partners.

We started our business in 1994. It would eventually grow internationally. There was still a lot of work to do before we could make it international.

It all began.

We first introduced shed homes to the international market — England’s preferred type of home. Because there was high demand, our business model was simple: find the resources to produce and meet England’s current high demand.

We went international in our early days of business. Although it wasn’t what you might expect, this was the beginning of Eurodita becoming a company that serves partners around the world today.

It may seem like we are in a privileged position. We run a log structure company that is growing and is highly respected. Our customers are loyal. We were forced to follow the market for many years without much room for experimentation or interpretation.

We were small and we were not very good at what our company did. However, we sold a product that was universally compatible, which made us easy to replace. We were simply price takers who would comply with the demands of overseas customers without any input.

We had to create complex structures that would be understood by the English market, and not the Lithuanian. It was not easy to find the right engineers or materials that would design our products.

It was a miracle to find international partners in Lithuanian business, even though it was post-Soviet capitalism. We didn’t even think twice about the global market demands. Our company grew with globalization — eventually, the Nordic countries joined our partner network.

It was amazing.

We reached a significant size only in the 1999-2000s, when we were able to make our voices heard at the table.

It was hard to manufacture shed homes, there was intense competition and profit margins weren’t sufficient for rapid growth.

We shifted our focus. We were introduced to Nordic timber by the Scandinavians, and quickly realized its many benefits.
Nordic timber demonstrated excellent quality. It was visually attractive and easy to convert into a home, which would be our first Eurodita log home.

Then we created private labels.

We began to grow quickly only then. Despite being in competition for the log home market, Nordic lumber was seldom used due to its fare from Central Europe and high Nordic price.

Our relationships with the North enabled us to negotiate extraordinary contracts with our suppliers. We were able to create a customer-first culture with the advent of the timber log home era.

Customer-first philosophy

It was a rough launch into the international market. It taught us a lot. We had to take care of every customer’s every need. It was exhausting, tedious, and sometimes even frustrating.

It was the right way to do business. This was how we were able to grow, gain market share from our competitors, and become the multinational company that is today, serving partners around the world.

Every market trend was wrong. In France, Italy and the UK, homogeneous products were sold that met the same standards. It wasn’t what we wanted.

Eurodita focuses on the customer first approach and always goes above and beyond to please our customers.

To go the extra mile to make better products, to provide customer service that cares, and deliver products where you need them, when you need them.

Customer-first is the best business philosophy.

We are moving into the future.

We are now taking the next step to innovate — to change the market and to set a high standard for quality across the globe.

Eurodita has been the first company to create 3D drawings in 1:1 of log structures. True leaders are the ones who pioneer.

Life is defined by choices, and the way we choose our partners can be a major factor in shaping our lives. We are different because of the choices we make for you. Use customer-first principles. Try Eurodita.