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As part of our showcase series we’ll pay a little attention to our traditional log cabins. The main focus will be that of the Log cabin Borneo. A classic and cozy log cabins in our catalog. It is a single-room structure and an ergonomic area which is ideal to be a creative space. With just one room, your guests can decide what they would like to do with the space and create divisions they think are necessary. A beautiful front porch that is protected against the elements by the roof extension is another excellent feature of the classic glulam log cabin style. Beautiful French design doors give elegance to the overall appearance for the rustic log home.

Custom orders

The log cabins made of glulam on our catalog can be used as ideal bases for your ideal log cabins that your customers would like. As a custom manufacturer of dream cabins, we make it in our hands to provide the best possible design for the customer’s specifications. This is accomplished by offering our partners 3-D renderings of log cabins. We utilize a method that we developed and allows us to collaborate together with our partners in a highly efficient manner. This allows us to create an enormously precise log cabin floor plan and then present them to the public for any further modifications. We analyze the feedback of our partners and make modifications to the model until it’s satisfactory. Beyond that we create the price estimate in just a few minutes from the 3D model that is based upon the requirements of our partners. Only after we have confirmed each stage of the procedure do we go into production.

As an example we can alter the log cabin in Borneo in a variety of ways. We can increase the dimensions or alter the dimensions of the front porch raise the roof up, and change the kinds of windows that are included in an ordinary kit. In the interior aspect of things, we could build interior walls and install doors for inside use, alter the thickness of roof and floor boards make sure the walls are prepared to be insulated. These are the most simple changes that we could do. All depends on the demands that our partners have and, as log cabin makers we’re ready to accommodate. We cannot guarantee that all possibilities are possible, but we certainly have plenty of flexibility from our side.

Intricate design

As we mentioned our software allows us to create extremely precise models of log cabins. Additionally, it allows us to create floor plans to give you a an idea of the size and shape it would require to construct the glulam log cabin that is on the property of your client. Utilizing our bespoke order system, you’ll be able to send us a complete description of the cabin you think your clients want. The details include not only the size and roof type, but what purpose it will be used for, so that we can present suitable interior design pictures. So, the customer will be able to envision how the log cabin would appear in its final design and be more likely to buy it. It is also possible to attach an image or sketch of your ideal log cabin to us to design.

Conserving the cabin

Like all of our products Our basic log cabins which include Borneo are constructed from top quality lumber. It’s known as Northern pine, and like its name suggests, it is found in the northern north of the hemisphere. The slow development of this tree is what makes it extremely sturdy and its strength is only boosted by the process of glue lamination. Even although this log cabin Borneo is likely to last for many years however, it must be maintained. The light-colored nature of Northern pine permits every pigment to retain its original hue. This colour should also be protected by a varnish which blocks the sun’s rays and helps strengthen the paint beneath. There are outdoor dyes with both properties and can protect your log cabin effectively. We would still recommend applying a new coating of painting every 2-4 years to preserve the appearance and the overall quality of the log cabin.

Although our log cabins are often offered as standard, we also offer custom log cabins to rent and production. By having Eurodita being your construction partner and suppliers, you not need to refuse customers who need excessively. All you need to do is find out exactly what it is they are looking for.