Interesting and surprising facts about log cabins.

Posted Nov 06, 2020, Category: Lists

We are log home suppliers to many of our partners that run successful businesses in log cabin construction, maintenance, sales and many other operations. As it’s probably clear, we at Eurodita are passionate about the craft of producing glulam log houses. We try to learn as much as there is to learn about styles of log homes, production possibilities and improvements, new materials and so on. Aside from that, sometimes we also learn some interesting facts about our beloved log cabins.

Log homes have a long, more than 5000 year old history. They’ve been with us since the Bronze age and have accumulated some interesting facts and stories along the way. That is what we would like to share with you in this blog post: interesting and surprising facts about the humble log house.

Royal affiliation 

It’s not surprising that a lot of famous people have their own log homes. From humble small cabin plans to large log mansions, you can find pretty much any type of log cabin. What is more surprising, however, is that Queen Elisabeth II owns her own log cabin. Situated in the Scottish Highlands, it’s a retreat that oversees the beautiful vista over river Dee. It’s part of the royal Balmoral Estate and was the favoured retreat of Queen Mother.

Health benefits

It turns out that spending time in glulam timber frame houses can have a positive impacts on your mind and body. It can especially help with various allergies. The rate of humidity in a lot of conventional homes creates perfect conditions for bacteria growth. This, in turn, increases air-borne allergens, which then cause various health issues, from itchy skin, watery eyes, to blocked nose, to asthma outbreaks. Due to timber’s breathable properties, this problem is mitigated, as the level of humidity can be kept low and even.

Glulam log cabins and garden rooms are also considered a sort of retreat by many. This tends to have positive effects to the health of mind, as it reduces stress. Major reduction in stress leads to lower levels of anxiety and could even reduce blood pressure.

Rainforest experience

Contemporary residential log cabins are all the rage in the tropics. They give a chance for visitors to stay deep in the jungle and truly experience the nature around them. The logistics of building fully functional hotels deep in the rainforest is a monumental effort that just isn’t cost-effective. However, small lodges, tree houses and modular cabins are much easier to build and are becoming increasingly popular among tourists. Costa Rica, Peru, Cambodia, Malaysia – all of these places are investing in log cabins, to offer their truly rustic chic to visitors.

Building big

Currently, the biggest log mansion stands on the shore of Lake Superior in Michigan. A building over 2000 sq. m., housing 23 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms. It was built in 1923, by Louis G Kaufman, who hired over 20 architects in order to design this grandiose log house. It has been named Granot Loma – a name derived from letters of Kaufman’s wife and children. Even more impressively, the great room also contains a fire mantelpiece that was salvaged from a sunken ship. The fireplace itself is 9m wide, while the entire room boasts at 18m long. Last time the property came into retail market, it cost over $40 million.

Final thoughts 

Log homes are an integral part of our history. In every small way, owning made to measure summer houses or contemporary log cabins can bring joy and health to any person, whether famous or not. We hope that our log cabins can bring equal joy and positivity to our end customers, and business to our partners.