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5 small cabin kits for your back garden

For those of us with a bigger garden or some free unused space small cabin kits are a great option. They can serve as a guest house, an office, children’s playroom, or just a place to sit and relax. There are a myriad of options available for small log cabins: different models, sizes, designs, etc. In this post, we have chosen a small list of small cabin kits that would be great as backyard log cabins, serving many purposes. All are compact, high-quality and unique in their own right.

Bespoke log cabin Emily

This elegant bespoke log cabin is barely 30 sq. m. in size, but contains everything necessary for a comfortable stay. It has enough space to rival some of the miniature condos in a city center. With its petite size, Emily will fit neatly into a larger backyard. It can be used as a guesthouse or a fully stocked office. With the possibility to insulate it, this log cabin can be used throughout the year, no matter the climate. It’s a great all-around option, especially for customers looking for cleverly designed, compact spaces.

Bespoke log cabin Claudia

small cabin kits
Small cabin kits can be built with tall windows and glass doors.

This modern approach to log cabins boasts a spacious, single-room design. With tall windows and glass doors, Claudia provides a lot of natural light, making it perfect for backyards that are often in the shadow. It’s also compact, nearly 14 sq. m. in size. These types of small cabin kits are perfect as offices or leisure rooms. With enough natural light pouring in, it’s a great place for kids to play in and adults to relax. Modern interior designers opt for these types of cabins to build a reading nook, a she-shed or other types of remote leisure spaces.

Glulam garden office Harrow

With the word office in the name, you can guess what Harrow is mostly used for. Yet another log cabin design with tall, large windows to let that natural light pour in. At just 15 sq. m. in size, Harrow can be used as a remote workplace, as well as a leisure corner. With the possibility to insulate the garden office, Harrow can be used all year round. Like all other bespoke log cabins, Harrow is built with quality in mind, with beautiful Northern spruce that provides light timber color. With this timber, it’s possible to pain the building in any color and not loose the original shade.

Camping bus Siesta 3

For those looking for something extra small, camping busses are a legit option. Especially the camping bus Siesta No. 3. Barely over 8 sq. m. Siesta can be used for a quick sleepover, or even as a sauna. In fact, at Eurodita, we provide camping buses with the possibility of transforming them into saunas. Our small cabin kits include wooden or electric heaters that are used for sauna. In general Siesta 3 is an extremely light building, suitable for a smaller back yard. It can be delivered already constructed and simply placed at the chosen location.

Camping pod Emprise 3

small cabin kits
Beautiful bitumen shingles cover the camping pod Emprise 3

These pods are part of the glamorous camping trend – otherwise called glamping. The idea of these pods is that they contain all amenities and comforts of urban life within the size of a tent. Besides, a camping pod like Emprise 3 is also extremely aesthetically pleasing, which is why they can also suit the back yard perfectly. Built with beautiful and sturdy bitumen shingles, camping pods Emprise 3 and its sisters manage to look inconspicuous and serve many possible functions. They can be used as guesthouses, playrooms, fully equipped offices and even saunas. Almost every camping pod can be turned into a fully functioning sauna. Not to mention the added perk of them arriving with wooden furniture or even fully constructed.

Final thoughts

It can be hard to choose among so many small cabin kits options. Always determine what function they will serve first and then pick the right design and configuration. Always take size into account and measure the space you will have available in your back yard. And that’s it! Your small cabin kits await you!

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