Showcase: Euro log cabin Sofi

Posted Sep 21, 2020, Category: Business

A classic European style log cabin with a dash of modernity – that is the log cabin Sofi. It is most definitely one of the gems of our standard log cabin line up and we are proud to offer it to any and all of our partners. The Sofi model is an excellent addition to any catalogue, especially in the high quality that our production line can turn out. We at Eurodita are certainly not shy about singing its phrases and will dedicate an entire blog post about the Euro log cabin Sofi.

Design details

So, what makes this particular glulam log cabin Sofi so special? It can also be referred to a lover’s retreat, since it’s designed as a loft. The sleeping quarters are a storey over the living area, accessible via a ladder, which gives this entire log cabin an exceptionally cozy feel. As a log cabin seller, you could always sell the Sofi model to a couple, or as an option for a far away retreat. It’s large enough to have enough room for a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room and even a small storage space – everything that’s needed to use the Sofi model as a retreat spot. As far as the standard log cabins go, this one is one of the most wholesome and ergonomic about its space.

Bespoke & delivery options

Even through the Sofi model is built according to the Euro design standards, that doesn’t mean we can’t use it as a firm base for a great remodelling. Our bespoke order system lets us offer our partners a lot of flexibility in terms of redesigning any log cabin or log house, so it wouldn’t stop with the Sofi. Alternatively, if your customers feel inspired about this mesh of traditional and modern log cabin approach, make sure to take their requests in and send us a bespoke order for a completely new log cabin design. Both you and your customers will be able to see the 3D renditions of the final product and decide on the suitability of their design.

As for delivery, all timber structures that are presented on our website may benefit from our delivery service, with our own truck fleet. Alternatively, we partner up with trusted logistics companies that can handle an overseas shipping. We also work with our partners who handle their own shipping and load up designated trucks as per agreement. We make sure so no obstacle can stop the bespoke log cabins we produce from reaching our partners. Our deliveries reach our partner’s or their end customer’s door in 1 to 4 weeks, depending on the distance of the journey.

Final details

The Sofi log cabin model is truly a cozy option that you, as our partner, can add to your catalogue. It’s an excellent option for the new generation of buyers who don’t yet have large families and want to be conscious about their impact on the environment. To that effect, this log cabin can house everything they need and its construction would take much less than a classic log cabin or other type of housing. With this model, we hope to build more partnerships and offer the best possible log cabin designs we have. Through our partner program, this and other standard log cabin models will be available to you. Let’s talk business!