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Log cabin production: everything a partner needs to know

We often get questions from our partners about details of log home manufacture. Largely, those are questions regarding ways that our partners could take advantage of our production line. That is, what information we need to produce exact custom log homes our partners ordered? What are the steps of production? How are the log houses packed for shipping? In this post, we will try and answer a lot of these questions, not just about production, but also delivery and the advantages our partners take of our partner program in order to streamline our production practices.

Bespoke order stage

This is probably the most important stage in the entire process. It’s absolutely true that all the luck in the world favours the ones that are prepared. The order stage is the time where we prepare  the product and go over every detail with our partner. Here is where we ask our partners to provide as much information about the log house they need as possible. We differentiate log house projects into two types: current model changes or redesigns and completely new designs.

Our partners can choose the model from our current catalogue and indicate aspects they need changed depending on their project. This can be many things, from the thickness of walls, floors and roof planks, to the type of windows or the rooftop. Although we ask a lot of detail in our bespoke order form, the original design of the log house, log cabin or a camping pod doesn’t change. Only the technical aspects of them do.

On the other hand, if our partner requests a design that is completely new and never made before, we will require a little more than just technical aspects. It’s often the case where we receive a even a hand-drawn sketch, from which we built the 3D model of the final structure. This 3D rendition is the best aid in visualising new log homes before they ever reach the production floor. It also helps our partners to sell the new design to their own clients and point out potential problems and fixes that need to be made. In this stage, we can do adjustments and changes to the design until it completely satisfies the demands of the partner and their clients. Although changes are possible, after working with some of our partners for many years, we have already developed a great working relationship and the order stage has become much shorter.

Production and delivery 

Once the order details have been ironed out, the production phase can start. Production scale and duration largely depends on how complex the order is. If it’s a standard design with changes in sizes and dimensions, it’s highly likely the production will not take long. We can quickly produce standard sizes for the most popular glue laminated planks that determine the overall dimensions of the log building. This process goes especially fast if the design is already present in our catalogue. However, if the log cabin or log house designs are new and have never been made before, with dimensions of planks we haven’t produced prior, our production process may take longer thank usual. We are always up for the challenge and approximate the timeframe very accurately due to our 27 years of experience in the log building field.

Once the log homes have been produced, the packaging phase can start. We deliver the homes flat packed, wrapped tightly and secured. Each part of the log structure is made in such a way that it fits into the other, so the assembly on the site might resemble a puzzle rather than full construction work. In some cases, for example with our camping pod collection, the whole pod can be delivered already pre-built and ready for use.

Our delivery terms are very reliable. So far, 95% of our deliveries have experienced no delays, so we are proud to offer this service to partners that do not have the means of handling their own transport. We deliver almost anywhere in the world, either by land or sea and our packaging method ensures safety of the log structure.

Partner program highlights 

In 27 years of business, we have developed a network of partners that have us as their primary production partner. Because of our streamlined manufacturing process and hassle-free delivery terms, we can offer something that other log home suppliers may struggle with – trust. Our partners trust us with their brand integrity and we don’t take this trust for granted. We put our partners first in all aspects of our business. This allowed us to develop this generous partner program, under which our partners report growth in profits of 20%. We are proud and happy to invite everyone to have a chat with us about this program and how it could benefit their business. As we always say, we are the bespoke manufacturer of dreams and we always deliver.

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