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Mobile homes have been a popular option for a lot of partners and clients. They can be used as simple summer residences or getaway spots. In the USA, they are also a popular choice for a residence in mobile home parks. You can go through our pros and cons on building a mobile home in a park or as a remote residence in a previous post. We believe that it is a crucial model for a glulam house construction company to have in their catalogue, so we at Eurodita of course have several models on offer.

In this Showcase, we would like to present to our partners two of our bespoke mobile homes designs – mobile homes Willis and Thames. We will go through their similarities and differences, as well as highlight some interior design choices that could be made when constructing these houses.

Mobile home Willis

A small, single-bedroom custom mobile home that can fit a single dweller or a two-person family. Long, glass front door and tall, elegant windows will make the mobile home look great without causing too much heat loss. All our windows and doors come double glazed and deal with this issue. As you enter, you will be met with a living room area – a space containing the kitchen, dining area and a lounge area. This single, utilitarian room will contain all daily activities and still have room to space.

Going further, the back section of the mobile house can be divided into a bathroom, a bedroom and even a small, walk-in closet. The bedroom can easily contain queen-size bed or even larger. The bathroom can fit a small bath or even a walk-in shower if pets need to be showered.

The rooftop is slopping slightly and is extended at the front of the mobile house. There is enough space under it to place a small seating area right next to the front door, or even some plants. On bigger plots of land, custom mobile homes lend themselves to be great focal points for small gardens.

Mobile home Thames

A large, four bedroom mobile home, ideal for a big family. This mobile house can also be great as a remote summer residence, as it can be designed with many interior walls that can form storage rooms and additional doors that can be used as back exits. Constructed in this way, this house is ideal for gardeners or nature lovers in general.

This custom mobile home is designed to be entered from the side. Just like mobile home Willis, it can have long windows and glass doors that also come double glazed. This particular model is designed with an entry corridor that leads to other rooms. A living room is separate from the kitchen area, which in turn can have an additional door that leads to the back yard. Then the corridor leads to the bathroom, which in this case can be extended and made more spacious.

The custom mobile house plans can be made according to specific desires of each client. As mentioned earlier, additional, smaller storage rooms can be built in. Or in addition to two large bedrooms, smaller ones can be built as well. The best thing about bespoke mobile homes is that they form very flexible spaces that can be converted into almost any design.

Mobile homes suppliers

If you already are a mobile homes supplier, our best advice is to look for ways to offer clients made to measure options. Mobile homes can be transformed into almost any type of design, adapted to almost any needs of the client. Make sure your mobile homes manufacture partner is up to the task. Whenever you give your clients options, their mobile home will feel more unique. Even if it is a cheaper option, your clients will get a chance to feel special without overspending.

And if you feel that your mobile homes wholesale partner is not ready to offer intricate bespoke solutions, consider going through our Partner Program. Almost a 100% of our partners see their profits increase by 20% after they started working with us. We offer great bespoke solutions that are tailored to the needs of the pickiest clients. Do not miss a chance to become even more successful than you already are. Good luck!

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