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Technical Qualities

Dimensions: 2400mm x 3500mm
Wall thickness: 44mm
Camping bus height: 2600mm

Additional qualities:

  • Double glassed windows, mm: 700×900; 1020×1060
  • Glued door with a double glassed window, mm: 700×1800; window size: 295×580
  • Roof covered with bitumen shingles in colours of your choice
  • Single room design
  • Can be delivered already assembled or flat packed

Standard log cabin kit includes:

  • Wall boards
  • Floor boards
  • Roof boards
  • Double glazed windows and doors
  • Optional to be delivered fully constructed

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Reasons your clients should choose the camping bus Siesta 3: 

Camping buses are a great option for businesses looking to establish a camping site. Siesta 3 can serve as a sauna and its design won’t stand out if paired with other models from Siesta line. And just like all the models, Siesta 3 is not inferior in any way:

  • Superior pinewood – the Northern pine that we use is an extremely durable, sturdy material. We use it as a primary source of timber for all our products for its strength and the elegant white colour.
  • Delivery options – like most of our products, camping bus Siesta 3 and its sisters can be delivered to you flat packed, so you can assemble it yourself. However, it is also possible to receive it fully constructed and ready to be placed in the designated location.
  • Stay or sauna – camping buses can be easily converted into saunas. Upon your order, we can complete the Siesta 3 set with either electric or wood heater. You will get a sauna that is ready for use, with a heater already included into the kit.
  • Made to measure – like all our products, all models of the Siesta line can be adjusted in size, design, interior planning or designated role. To achieve that, simply fill in our bespoke order form.

If you’d like to purchase a standard kit of Siesta 3 camping buses, send us an inquiry with your requirements.