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How can you expand the bathroom area in an old log house?

Posted Nov 18, 2021, Category: Advice

In the process of planning our made to measure summer homes, we want to be as cozy as our own home. This is especially important for those who are planning to stay in our log cabins for a full season or more.

One thing that can really enhance the overall comfort of a log home is a spacious practical and attractive bathroom. With over more than 27 years experience working as wholesalers of log homes and builders, we at Eurodita are willing to sharing our knowledge regarding glulam home designs we created for large and comfortable bathrooms. We will discuss some of the choices you can build your bathroom inside your log home that eventually you’ll be thrilled about.

heated floors

Log cabins of standard can be a bit drafty. We are pleased to announce that the majority of our log cabins can be completely insulated to avoid this problem. However, steam and wood don’t go together very well, so you’ll need to think about a proper ventilation system for the bathroom. Even with all our insulation it is possible that you’ll feel some cold and draft.

To prevent this from happening to avoid this, we strongly suggest installing heated floors. Most likely, you’ll put in ceramic tiles to your bathroom and there’s no reason to sacrifice this feature. It’s true that at first it may appear to be a costly extravagant item, especially for the log cabin floor plan. However, it is quite affordable and will not priced higher than $2,000. It’s a fantastic improvement to your log home and ensure that your bathroom remains warm even with a ventilation system that generates draft. Additionally, a heated flooring will prevent water and cold from entering your bathroom via flooring, and this may constitute one of the major entry points for drafts.

Select a bathtub

If the log cabin is spacious enough, such as our custom modern log cabin Finlandia most likely you’ll have plenty of room to install the bathtub. If you do a amount of planning, you could create a spacious corners bathtub you will be able to relax in without having to be constrained by a small area.

With heated floors The bathroom in your log cabin is already on the list as the best property. If you’re not able to squeeze the bathtub of this size into your bathroom in your log cabin it is possible to consider a walk-in bathtub. These showers will be extremely relaxing and will allow you to play around with enough space. In addition, you’ll be in a position to make the most of the heated flooring and avoid cold feet.

Big accessories

There are two major trends available which you can make use of to create your bathroom’s contemporary and rustic log cabin style. The first is a huge mirror. This is crucial in bathrooms that are located on the smaller aspect. Mirrors tend to increase the size of the room they’re placed within. This optical illusion is beneficial when you are in different areas of your log home, particularly those that can make your log cabin appear smaller.

Another major feature that is getting attention in the world of glulam home design is a fireplace that is installed in the bathroom. This is obviously a better fit with a spacious tub in which you can sit about and unwind for hours. To create a fireplace inside the bathtub, you can choose one that is small, glass-covered such as a fake stove or an entire heater that could simulate the appearance of a sauna. A few log cabin owners have opted to install a completely open fireplace in their bathrooms, with amazing outcomes. Think about this as a viable possibility.

Accessories for small sizes

Small details are important and when the overall design of your bathroom has been completed don’t forget to add small interior design elements. Choose a color scheme and stick with the same color scheme. Add shelves so that you can keep all your essentials, and then be incorporated into the bathroom’s style. It’s about soap bowls loofas, sponges, bathroom mats and toilet seat holders. all of it should fit in with and complement the style. In this way, you’ll bring a distinct impression of the bathroom in your log cabin and will make it an iconic piece of your unique log home.

Bathrooms are one of the most crucial places where you can feel comfortable. We are spending a lot of time maintaining personal hygiene and grooming. Be sure to give the bathroom at your log cabin as much consideration in the planning process as you would in your home. Also, always consult with the custom log cabin firm to get the best suggestions on the size and design options of your bathrooms. Have fun!

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