Why Travel to Pitlochry?

Posted Jul 02, 2021

Log cabins in Pitlochry, Highland are a charming and remarkable attraction for tourists and property buyers. There are many exciting attractions to discover and explore in this delightful town. Some of the popular attractions include:


A popular attraction with tourists is the historic Priory Church located on the shore of Loch Lein. The church was built in the fifteenth century and sits on the site of an old barley-mill. The church has been beautifully restored by the present owners and visitors can take a stroll through the preserved wooden buildings and inside to experience the history of the Priory. The interior of the church features beautiful carved glass windows as well as the floor of the choir loft.

Another fascinating attraction is the Lismore Timber Walkway. It meanders along the top of a hill overlooking the Lismore River which offers fantastic views of the surrounding area as well as beyond. Several of the cabins at Pitlochry were built close to the banks of the Lismore River, making them ideal places to spend the night. Another favorite attraction is the Auchindrain Waterfall. This waterfall is visible from many miles away and offers hikers, log cabin hunters and bird watchers the chance to view many types of wildlife.

There are many lovely bed and breakfasts available to stay in Pitlochry. These charming accommodations offer excellent accommodations and a comfortable stay. They are perfect for families and many of them are within a few minutes of all of the attractions in Pitlochry. Many are near the attractive town of Inverness. Most provide breathtaking views of the countryside.

For those who desire to do more than just sleep in a log cabin there are many hiking trails to explore. Some of the popular hiking trails include Long Point Trail, Killarney Falls Trail and the Mount Cook Trail. Many of these trails offer wonderful scenery and solitude. In addition, at night there is the possibility to enjoy the spectacular light show that occurs at the end of the day when the sun sets.

In addition to a log cabin there are a number of other lodging options. One of the most popular choices is a self-catering cottage or farmhouse. These are more affordable than a large hotel room and can often be found for less than one hundred dollars. As with a log cabin there are usually several bedrooms and bathroom units available for rent.

While there are many fine accommodations to choose from in Pitlochry, some of the most popular are the Dingle Peninsula Ranches, Cavanagh Gardens and the Gaelic College Park hotels. All of these cabins provide luxurious accommodation at great value. The Dingle Peninsula has an abundance of wildlife and beautiful scenery making it a wonderful vacation destination. Cavanagh Gardens provides many opportunities for outdoor activities as well as indoor activities.

The area offers many other attractions such as the world famous whiskey distilleries along the Killine River. Also on the agenda are two major European castles, the Fitzgerald Stadium and the Galway Castle. For those traveling from farther afield there are several golf courses to be played. While on vacation, visitors may explore the local area, enjoy the arts and culture or simply sample the fine dining that the area possesses. There is truly something for everyone in Pitlochry and every budget is catered to.

For those looking for a bit more of a rustic vacation, the local log cabins may not be the best choice. However, if this is what one wants to do then there are plenty of these cabins to choose from. In fact, many of them surround stunning landscapes and picturesque towns that are within the Killine River area. In addition to the cabin rental, tourists can take part in a variety of activities in the area such as whitewater rafting, cycling, hiking, horseback riding and fishing. The landscape of the region truly compliments any outdoor adventure.

A trip to the town of Pitlochry is also not complete without a visit to its museums. These museums feature collections that span many years of history and artistic excellence. The Fitzgerald Stadium, for instance, hosts regular soccer games between local teams. There is also the historic Galway Castle that has been lovingly restored by the town’s residents. The locals preserve the building and the artifacts with a hefty insurance policy. Another favorite among tourists visiting the area for the weekend is the Claddagh Gardens that features lush Irish gardens.

Tourism isn’t the only reason that the area of Pitlochry is so popular during the peak of summer. This locale provides some of the best fishing that you will ever have. There are countless small rivers and creeks where fishermen go to get a great catch. They bring their own equipment and if you’re fishing for redfish, bass, perch or mackerel, you won’t be disappointed. So the next time you’re planning a weekend trip, you should think twice before you dismiss the idea of visiting the lovely town of Pitlochry.