Staying in a log cabin: most popular Alpine region locations for log cabins

Posted Dec 07, 2020, Category: Advice

The log cabin industry has been experiencing something of a boom recently. Isolation due to the global pandemic has played a huge role here, further amplifying the general move out of the urban landscapes and into the rural setting. However, even in these turbulent times, no one is under the impression that absolutely everybody has the means to own their own getaway glulam beams houses. Not just in regards to finances, but also the availability of land plots are at play here, or even the time it takes to invest into the construction and care of such a structure. Although the modern advances into materials – glue lamination (glulam) being one of them – dramatically decreases the amount of care the mere walls of the glulam log homes. In comparison, a traditional log homes require much more frequent checks and attention, not to mention construction.

Given all that, in this post, we would like to focus on the much-missed way of staying in bespoke log homes – renting them out. We will go over several locations in Europe that are known for their glulam log cabins and more traditional cabins as well. More specifically, we would like to focus on the Alpine region, as it has a truly remarkable amount of remote log cabin locations.

As a disclaimer, we at Eurodita are – and you should be as well – very much aware that the pandemic situation is different in every country and could change daily. Before planning any sort of trip, look up the local situation and make sure it’s safe for you and others. 

Austrian Alps

We’re starting with a very traditional destination that fills up easily during the winter months. With the skiing industry in full swing, Austrian Alps are positively teeming with various log cabins. From contemporary log cabin designs with unique interiors and full board amenities, to small standard log cabins, far removed from any resort town. This is a great 2-in-1 package in winter, log cabin with a fireplace during the night and skiing during the day. However, even in summer the Austrian Alps are a wondrous location, with hiking trails and climbing spots. Log cabins are still there, waiting for you, no matter the season.

French Alps 

On the other side of the mountains, France has a long and loving history with bespoke log cabin homes. The iconic chalets are a great spot to really experience the remote living that goes on during idyllic summers here. Numerous hiking trails, as well as climbing spots await here, as well as a cozy rest in a traditional French log cabin homes. Best time to visit – late spring and summer, when the fields are in full bloom.

Slovenian Alps

And on the very southern tip of the Alpine mountain range, Slovenian remote custom log homes are a great place to stay during winter, or summer. Both seasons have what to offer, from skiing ranges to hiking trails. All can lead back to the cozy nook that are the local log homes.

The Alpine region has much to offer for any traveller. The remoteness that can be found among the mountain bespoke log cabins can fit any taste and maintain the much-needed social distance. Due to good infrastructure, majority of log cabin homes can be reached with a personal or rented car and will help to further maintain the isolation. While travel is difficult, restricting oneself with deliberately isolated made to measure log cabins might be the only trip that is a safe option right now. Just be aware of the local situation, research it before and always choose the safe travel length and location.