Living in style: how a log cabin can become a part of who you are.

Posted Nov 23, 2020, Category: Advice

One of the reasons why Eurodita became the bespoke log cabin company is that we understand that each log cabins owner is an individual at heart. Everyone who decided to purchase bespoke log homes has their own particular taste, the purpose for which they chose the log house they did and how they were going to use it. While we are not working directly with end customers, we feel their wants through our partner network. We operate all over the world and have so much different feedback flowing in that we can’t help but share it.

So, in this post, we would like to cover certain types of log cabins and log houses that customers tend to purchase. We will cover the purpose for why these types of log homes were purchased and how they are beneficial in serving that purpose.

Mobile home – ergonomics in mind

Living in style: how a log cabin can become a part of who you are.

Mobile homes are often perceived as a cheap option for housing. Their reputation is especially low in places like the United States, where mobile homes have an instant association with trailer parks. However, for some customers, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Mobile homes in themselves are very ergonomic spaces, containing only what is necessary. More than that, they can definitely be transported to a myriad of locations: out of the trailer park and into a remote lakeside, communal living space or any other. Mobile home is just a type of glulam homes and not a pre-determined way of living. The ergonomic living space of custom mobile homes is adjusted to every customer and can serve many purposes.

Mobile homes are versatile: they can be built in many sizes, with different amount of rooms and planned out based on customer wishes. It’s truly a bespoke home dream. And slowly, our customers understand that a mobile home can be used in many ways.

Small log cabin – a short holiday 

Living in style: how a log cabin can become a part of who you are.

Those that are looking to have a getaway spot usually opt for small log cabins. The contemporary log cabins that Eurodita builds come in many shapes and sizes, but ensure individuality and quality. Those customers that have small cabin plans can pick from standard log cabins portfolio, or order something bespoke for themselves. That’s exactly how we accumulated such large library of log cabin options. Lots of customers tend to express their individual dreams and desired through bespoke log cabins. There, they spend their precious days of relaxation, where everything is to their heart’s desire. That’s an excellent option for truly individualist souls.

Lavish glulam houses – remote living 

Living in style: how a log cabin can become a part of who you are.

Full bespoke log homes are the prime choice of those customers that are looking to live away from urban areas. Built remotely, on a lakeside or in the mountains, full log homes can serve as the perfect residence for their owners. Here, the ability to create truly bespoke timber houses becomes extremely important. Customers that opt for these log homes require exceptional creativity and only the highest quality. After all, they will move their entire life into that log house. This is where our portfolio fills up quickly too, as with the current pandemic going on, more and more people go for truly remote living. Glulam log homes are much faster to build and hence can be turned into residences easier.

Some glam in that camping – for a quick getaway

Living in style: how a log cabin can become a part of who you are.

In the West, camping has always been a popular holiday option. However, recently, with the younger generation firmly entering the workforce, a new camping trend has taken root: glamorous camping – or glamping. It sounds complex, yet it simply means what we all really want: amenities available at all times, comfortable stay and an immediate access to nature. To satisfy this demand, the glamping pod was born. It’s a camping pod that is extremely easy to build (or arrives already pre-built), has all the necessary amenities inside (even the furniture) and is ready to be stayed in almost immediately. These are the luxury camping pods that are becoming ever so popular among campers. And who can blame them? They’re comfortable, provide a place of rest and a getaway from the crowded urban living. It’s the perfect camping option for a quick getaway.

Final options

Naturally, these options are statistically popular, but by no means the end of it. Because we can offer truly made to measure log cabins and houses, all individual needs of the customer can be met. Our partners of many years have experienced building the bespoke dreams of their clients and are happy with our work. We are always open for new partners, and especially in these trying times we are looking forward to providing more people with their remote living options.