5 best log cabins with a porch

Posted Sep 18, 2020, Category: Lists

Eurodita’s catalogue is brimming with options. Some contemporary log cabins for sale that you see were bespoke projects completed together with a partner. Others are our own designs we were excited to share and have found their loving owners. But there is one design element that is more important to end customers than anything else about the cabin – the availability of the porch. It’s just this part of the log cabin holds a form of magic over customers. There’s just something distinctly summer-like and a profound nature experience of sitting on the porch and having a cup of a hot drink. That is what customers are often searching for – this profound experience. And they are prepared to place that order, if the right type of log cabin or log house are suggested.

So, in this blog post, we would like to cover several designs of our log cabins and log homes that also have a porch. Perhaps one of these models will find their way into your customer’s hearts.

Glulam log house Sylvie

Our bespoke glulam timber frame houses are a great place to look for a timber structure with a porch. Sylvie has a big one, extending through all 12000mm of its length. This kind of porch can host a true party, as well as make a lot of room for potted gardening or other activities. Made from the same, sturdy floor boards as the rest of the log house, Sylvie can provide a generous porch, with parts of it covered by an overhang. There’s also an option to install a tent cloth for a total porch cover from the rain. Overall, Sylvie is a versatile glulam log home and its porch offers many options for the homeowner.

Glulam log house Richaud 

This particular glulam house design offers a porch that is completely covered by an extended rooftop. One side of the porch is also covered by a wall that extends from all the way through the log house’s length. This type of porch is for those homeowners that are looking for more protection against the elements, but also want to experience parts of nature by spending time outside. It gets very cozy in this kind of porch and the Richaud definitely has enough space to spend the time outside, as well as inside.

Bespoke log cabin Aurora

For those end customers that are really fascinated by nature, the Aurora offers not one, but two porches to experience it from. The log cabin floor plans are divided into 3 segments, two of which have an open wall, but are covered by a roof and walls from 3 sides. The middle section has enough room for a kitchen and seating area. The rest is reserved for fresh air, potted gardening, outdoor socialising or other activities. This log cabin is for homeowners that want to spend as much time outdoors as possible, but like being comfortable while they are doing it.

Bespoke log cabin Sequest 

This model is more suitable for recreational business owners rather than private homeowners. However, even end customers would find merit in purchasing a larger log cabin that has been divided into two wings. While the guests may use a common kitchen and bathroom, each side has their own little porch right outside this bedroom. Through our bespoke order system, it’s also possible to place additional doors and offer porch privacy to two families or other types of guests. The Sequest model has several possible uses, but one cannot deny the fact that it’s not lacking in porch space. It extends through the length of the entire cabin and widens on either end, letting the middle section form a barrier and provide some privacy.

Wooden pavillion Repose 

For homeowners that are looking to add a porch to their already existing bespoke log cabin or log house, a great option is a wooden pavillion. It’s like a portable, roofed porch that can be placed anywhere without needing to go through expensive log house extensions. It can also be a true convenience for small cabin owners, who don’t want to invest too much into building a bigger one or extending the current one.

Bespoke option

Each log cabin or log house can be made to measure and include a front of back porch. We always encourage our partners to let their customers know that bespoke glulam houses are available and we will provide 3D visuals of the final product before purchase – porch included.