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Eco-friendly business: why selling log cabins is a way to go.

Eco-friendly, green business is all the rage now and it doesn’t look like it’s going to end soon. More than that, it is touted as the future of all business and the way to ensure success is to make sure its operations and core values adhere to the way of the ecology. This shift towards the green way of living is also permeating the lives of consumers. Increasingly, every household is more concerned about the use of plastics, recycling and the sustainability of their homes.

We at Eurodita understand this concern over the environment and we have done so years before the eco-friendly living has taken root. We service many businesses that specialise in selling log homes and glulam houses, and we’re doing so with the sustainability in mind. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, looking to start a new business venture, look no further than selling and on-site construction of log cabins and log houses.

In this post, we will go through several key aspects that make contemporary log houses so attractive to the eco-conscious. These also serve as a great selling point you might want to use when presenting your offer to the customer.

Energy efficiency

Wood is a highly energy efficient material to build the log home out of. During the day, the outer side of the wooden wall absorbs the heat, while keeping the interior cool. This is also amplified by the fact that houses built with glulam or other type of timber are usually built in an open space, where the sunlight can easily reach them.

During the night, the opposite process occurs – the outer walls cool, while keeping the heat accumulated over the day on the inside. This same heat preservation attribute is also observed in stone, but wood makes a much more malleable material to work with.

This aspect makes wood to be a very energy efficient material. It’s especially suited for structures, typically used in summer. For example garden rooms, camping pods and BBQ huts.

That also has an effect on the outside world. While the log cabin doesn’t require much additional heating, that means no fuel burned to expel carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. While a fireplace is a very common centrepiece of any log home, burning logs or even wood chip bricks is not nearly as bad for the environment as coal or natural gas.

Green living option

While it’s true that it takes time to regrow trees, these days it’s much easier to pick a source that takes care of nature. When advising your buyers in picking a contemporary log cabin home, take time to mention the source of timber used to construct them. In today’s communication, eco-friendly aspects are at the forefront and are easier than ever to trace. Make this a strength of all the options you offer as well.

Furthermore, the log cabin itself is an eco-friendly way of living. Using high-quality timber, it ensures the strength of the log home. At Eurodita, we build our custom log homes to last, not just long years, but to also outlast cyclones, bush fires and other elements of nature. If taken care of properly, any log cabin can last for years.

Air quality

Another aspect that is always important to cabin home owners, or just travellers that come to stay in your log home resort, is the quality of their stay. And what better way to sell that than to offer a naturally occurring air flow. The timber stores carbon dioxide inside itself and naturally regulates humidity. This creates almost ideal conditions for cleaner air flow. Also, it negates the necessity to build additional air purifiers or humidifiers. Overall it’s a great living experience that can be achieved without additional investment.

Another aspect that generates good air quality and lessens the threat of the environment is the paint used. For years, critics of wooden housing have been lamenting the fact that all paints used on timber homes do a lot of harm to nature. Not just in their production phase, but also as they’re slowly washed out by rain and reach the soil. More than that, the paint also permeates the timber logs and eventually makes it into the airstream created by the same logs, slowly poisoning the dwellers.

This, however, is no longer true at all. With contemporary log cabin kits comes modernised paint that addresses all of these issues. With sustainable production line and low or no VOC (volatile organic compounds – the elements that make the dye dangerous to the environment) content in the paint, this argument becomes a mute point. Simply look for an eco-friendly option for your paint job to offer your customers the best experience.

These are the main aspects as to why log cabins are an eco-friendly way of living. If you’re struggling to find good business niche to invest in, log housing might be a good way to go. It’s based on sustainability, green living principles and brings you and your customers closer to the nature. Good luck!


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