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Technical Qualities

Dimensions: 5000mm x 3000mm
Internal dimensions: 4824mm x 2824mm
Wall thickness: 88mm
Sidewall height: 2080mm
Ridge height: 2340mm
Floor boards: 28 mm
Roof boards: 19mm

Additional qualities:

  • Residential type, tilt & turn glass windows, mm: 700 x 1770 (x2)
  • Residential type, double glazed bifold door, mm: 2420×2080
  • Modern design
  • No finger joints

Standard log cabin kit includes:

  • Wall boards
  • Floor boards
  • Roof boards
  • Double glazed windows and doors

Searching for a partner, who is able to keep up with trends of modern living? Someone able to offer the newest, hottest log homes that are on demand? Look no further than Eurodita. We update our catalogue often with standard and bespoke offers that you can choose from and get them delivered to you. More than that, we produce all our products under YOUR name, so you can delight your clients with variety and choice. Check out our partner program for more perks, send us a message and let’s talk business!

Reasons your clients should buy glulam garden office Harrow: 

Garden office is a retreat that offers productivity and focus by simple means of being far away from all distractions. The rising trend is promising and customers are looking for ever more varied options. Glulam garden office Harrow has everything it needs to be a popular option on your portfolio with myriad of great features:

  • Premium quality timber – even for this small island of seclusion, we use Northern pine to make it beautiful and sturdy.
  • Spacious office – 15 sq. m. office space rivals some downtown apartments. The size can fit a standard office, as well as a studio or a small workshop.
  • Modern design – tall, elegant windows and bifold doors create a sense of modern, professional setting, even from the customer’s back yard.
  • Great view – with large windows, garden office Harrow provides a lot of natural light. Offices with such light report increased productivity and generally better mood.
  • Bespoke orders – we can produce garden offices that suit the specific needs of your client. Send us a bespoke order and we will get back to you with 3D visuals.

Like what you see? Click the bespoke order button on the right and we’ll make you an offer.

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