Partnership in nature: how to pick a reliable log cabin producer?

Posted Apr 12, 2020, Category: Business

At Eurodita, we are running an extremely successful Partner Program. All of our business partners are currently profitable, with at least 20% profit margin in the first year. This is the kind of success we are aiming for as a producer.

However, this success doesn’t come magically. There are processes we manage and decisions we make that make us such a reliable partner to have. We even go as far as to say in terms of bespoke log cabins production, we are one of the best partner to have. In this post, we will go over several aspects that we do and would encourage anyone to tick off the list when choosing a business partner. In our eyes, these characteristics are universal and make for a great company to work with.

Bespoke orders

First and foremost, make sure your potential private label homes producer is capable of making bespoke orders. This is important, as the tastes and wishes of your customers can vary significantly. You will have an edge over your competition if you can offer houses and pods, adapted to the customer’s needs. You should think about your log home supplier as your own factory. A place where you can order in bulk, but also make changes per customer requests.

Production material 

Research the type of timber used for log home production. Find out about the qualities of that timber and weigh in pros and cons. At Eurodita, we use the Northern pine – a slow-growing, sturdy tree that has a low resin content and a light colour, unique in comparison to its southern cousins. The pro of this type of material is that it’s solid and strong, able to outlive many other types of timber even in extreme conditions. The con is that these types of trees are growing slowly. To make them sustainable, the material cost is higher, thus your log homes will be pricier as well. But whether or not your customers can commit to pay a higher prices for increase in quality is all up to you.

Visit all producers

Whether your potential log home manufacturer is nearby or abroad, take the time to visit them. Go over their production process, get to know their machinery and schedule. Discuss the aims of your business in person and go in depth about your needs and wants.

If you’re building a summer resort that you’re planning to fill with many same-looking cabins, wholesale log cabin kits are what you might need. They’re relatively easy to produce and we have many possible options from our catalog.

If, however, you’re in a business of constructing individual orders for customers that are looking for unique home or summerhouse, you should also discuss this option face-to-face. This is where the capability of the producer to build bespoke log cabin homes comes into play. You might not yet know what you need on the spot, but if you’re familiar with your market, it will do well for you to share certain aspects with your producer. The general weather conditions in the place where you plan to build. Certain cultural habits of customers you’re addressing. Perhaps they all expect a sauna to be included into the house. All these small aspects are better to be discussed fate-to-face, so we strongly encourage you to travel or at least have an online conference to build trust between you and your business partner.

Delivery estimates

If you’re choosing a supplier that is near you, delivery might not be a huge factor. However, if you’re looking to purchase your log homes abroad, always discuss delivery terms. The further away from you the business partner is, the longer it takes for the final product to reach you. Never hesitate to ask this question directly.

A good business partnership relies as much on trust, as on the quality of delivered product and service provided. While we at Eurodita aim to build this trust and always service our partners to the best of our ability, we can only hope other producers do the same. Visit our Partner Program section of the site to learn more and contact us directly. We will be glad to see and hear from you. Good luck!