Log cabin brand image: what’s important and what to strive for

Posted Jan 04, 2021, Category: Advice

At Eurodita, we are proud to call ourselves the producer of private label homes. Not only that, we are also the bespoke log cabin companyproviding unique designs and absolutely necessary alterations to all our products. Our partners trusted us with their brand image, passing on production of the log cabins they sell to us. We value this trust greatly and prioritise quality and customer service above everything else. This is one of the reasons we have been able to maintain a customer satisfaction rate of 100% over many years.

Our current partners are very much aware of the way we operate as the log cabin manufacturer. They are also experienced in working with a private label producer and know the process that happens from submitting their order, to the log cabin reaching the designated location. More than that, they know what it takes to maintain a brand image of a trustworthy log homes supplier, and the amount of trust required between the producer and the seller.

In this post, we would like to share a few insights we have on how to build and maintain a good brand image as a log cabins supplier. We will cover on how to build your catalogue and how to appeal to the right customer. Most importantly, we will touch on how to choose the right private label producer and what to look for.

Know your audience

First and foremost, in building a successful log cabins supplier brand, identify your audience. Are you appealing to people that are looking for classic log cabins, standard and quickly assembled? Is your audience interested in gardening and would look to you for garden solutions? Is your audience searching for premium offers and are ready to pay the premium price, or are they looking for budget options? Research your audience well and see where your catalogue can fit in.

Your local audience can be reflected by your local competition. Consider various niches that are not covered by that competition. See if there is a need for more specialised log cabins and whether you could be the brand that provides them.

Quantity vs Quality

This is an age-old question of what is better: a high quality product that sells little, but with high profits, or a lower quality product that sells a lot for cheaper, with thinner profits. In reality, it all depends on your audience and the demand of the market. Moreover, it also depends greatly on your capabilities. Are you capable of providing exceptionally premium quality? Are you able to work with each client on their bespoke glulam log cabins? Or would you be more competitive in the high volume market, servicing B2B customers that order in bulk? Answering these questions will determine what type of brand you will want to be.

Choose the right producer

Depending on your audience and catering capabilities, you must choose a log cabin manufacturer that you can trust with that specific vision for your brand. Research the potential private label manufacturers. Learn what they are known for. Is it the bespoke log cabins production, like Eurodita, or a garden shed producer that pumps volume? Go through their portfolios and see if their designs align with the demands of your market. Also read reviews and get feedback from their existing customers, to see if the information on their website checks out. Dedicate time in finding a trustworthy production partner.

Own the production line

If you are considering building an unique log cabins brand, then perhaps the best option for you is owning your own production. This is a wise investment, if you want to cater to a very niche market and private label producers cannot provide designs that you need, or it’s too expensive to make a profit in your market. Like anything else, this requires investment or time and money. You will need to choose the right type of timber to produce your log homes from, take into account the sourcing, build a production line, hire the right specialists. If need be, you will even need to set up your own logistics chain. Each step requires a lot of thinking ahead, so make sure you do your research well and plan your investments smart.

Final remarks

At Eurodita, we always put quality ahead of anything else. We always recommend brands to do the same. That way, with trusted and tried quality, your brand will stand our from your competition as being superior and trustworthy. Building trust, not just between you and your production partner, but you and your customers, is the key ingredient for a long-term success.