Camping cabins

Camping has been a popular pass time of many people for decades. Over so much time, camping equipment and the form it takes has evolved and we at Eurodita have kept up with modern trends. All our product cards provide information on technical qualities of each product. This can help you choose the right option for your client. And if you require changes on any of the cabins, send us a bespoke order. Don’t hesitate to put high-quality, interesting camping cabins onto your catalogue. We will deliver!

Choose Camping cabins category
Choose Camping cabins category

At Eurodita, we are your bespoke manufacturer of choices. Choose from our range, or send an inquiry for custom dimensions, materials, or products. In our home page form, enter the details of your desired product: from dimensions to specifications, we manufacture log structures that fit the needs of your business.

Whether you work in wholesale or retail, we’ll adapt to you. We are capable of producing bulk orders of extreme volumes that excel in the quality of a variety of log types and deliver the best private-labelled log structures to your customers. Eurodita is a global log structure supplier: we operate in continents across the globe and deliver log structures either ourselves or through our network. Place an order and rest assured: we will take care of delivery. If you place a bespoke order, please plan for us to have enough time to manufacture your custom, made to measure log structures, and deliver them on time.

Camping pods.

We have a wide selection of timber camping pods. These self-contained camping pods are designed as cosy mini-hotels for campers. Built from high-quality Nordic timber, our camping pods are root-proof, thermo-proof, waterproof and hard weather-resistant. They have double-lock doors to maximize security. You can choose from sauna pods or insulated pods, and pods with internal furniture are also available. If you need more options, we can manufacture bespoke camping products: give details of your custom requirements, and we’ll manufacture camping pods for you in bulk.

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