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Why Choose Eurodita?s Timber Mobile Homes?

Eurodita, based in Lithuania, produces high-quality yet cost-effective log cabin homes using FSC-certified Nordic timber to create environmentally-friendly glulam structures that comply with global market standards.

Mobile cabins have grown increasingly popular across the UK as temporary accommodation on industrial and construction sites and outdoor event management landscapes. Easy to transport, these sustainable cabins make perfect rental or sublet properties.

Easy to transport

Eurodita offers convenient mobile homes that are easy to transport. As an international log cabin manufacturer, they specialize in timber mobile homes which can be tailored specifically to suit any lifestyle imaginable. Their durable mobile cabins can withstand storms, earthquakes and other natural disasters while offering features such as six-person steam baths and heated flooring – perfect for you if mobility is your primary goal!

Eurodita has been at the forefront of log cabin manufacturing for more than three decades and remains dedicated to producing top quality products. Their innovative manufacturing process utilizes fully computerized manufacturing techniques. Furthermore, Eurodita offers exclusive dealership programs throughout Europe while building lasting business relationships. Their products feature Nordic timber of high-grade quality that come in various sizes and designs.

Eurodita’s timber mobile homes are built using FSC-certified wood and feature double lock doors and insulated walls, making them suitable for earthquake and cyclonic storm withstanding conditions. Furthermore, their lightweight nature means they can easily be transported over long distances for temporary accommodation in industrial, construction, outdoor event management landscapes; plus more relaxed housing compliance regulations make them suitable for rental/sublet accommodation purposes as well. Furthermore, their cost effectiveness makes maintenance straightforward.


Eurodita provides affordable mobile cabin options to UK residents in need of short-term practical space solutions. Their cabins include amenities that will ensure families enjoy spending time outside, such as geothermal heating or logs from tree re-growth organizations – ideal for environmentally conscious living or simply providing an escape from daily stress! Eurodita’s mobile cabin options also make great getaway spaces.

These log cabin homes are constructed using top-grade Nordic timber and meet international standards, adhering to international design specifications. Not only are these log homes affordable but transportability over long distances is made simple as well! Plus, this company also provides Laminated Log Houses and Garden Summer houses!

Eurodita was established in 1994, and quickly has grown into one of the premier manufacturers of log cabins and timber structures. Specializing in creating glulam log cabins, Eurodita boasts an international network of smart dealers worldwide who sell its products. Utilizing only high-grade Nordic wood, they manufacture an assortment of structures suitable for both commercial and residential uses – from log cabins, glamping pods, luxury sauna barrels, etc. All manufactured using highly mechanized processes combined with computerized controls that produce top-quality timber structures at competitive prices – creating top quality timber structures at competitive prices.


Eurodita timber mobile homes are designed to be sturdy and stable, constructed with quality Nordic wood for easy mobility and can withstand earthquakes, cyclonic storms, extreme temperatures and weather patterns; additionally they are heat and cold resistant as their timber has been kiln-dried with natural oils for added durability.

This company prides itself on creating an unforgettable, custom experience for its clients. Offering everything from modern architecture to classic glue-laminated wooden houses, their products are constructed using only top quality materials at competitive prices – not to mention that their business-to-business model includes streamlining supply chains and exclusive dealer programs!

Eurodita’s B2B log cabin division produces high quality FSC-certified Nordic wood to create durable glulam log cabins and garden sheds suitable for transportation over long distances. They also come equipped with prefabricated floor plans that adhere to global market standards for easy transportation.

Eurodita recently established a successful partnership with China – one of the world’s biggest markets for log cabins. After intensive negotiations lasting an entire year to meet China’s stringent standards for manufacturers, both parties reached an agreement which is set to last many years into the future.


More and more people are turning toward green living. This trend can be seen in the market for log cabin homes made from durable and sustainable timbers that feature lower energy costs than traditional homes and are easier to transport.

Eurodita of Lithuania produces custom log cabins and wooden houses for global markets. Their offerings span from custom designs, sizes, numbers of units and customization. Their products are high-quality and can be tailored specifically to customers’ requirements – their services have been available worldwide since 1994, creating strong client relationships and exclusive dealer programs along the way.

Eurodita’s prefabricated log homes are built to last and can be utilized in various environments. Not only can they withstand harsh weather conditions and other environmental hazards like earthquakes and cyclonic storms, they are termite-proof and watertight – perfect for anyone wanting to enjoy outdoor living!

They’re lightweight and easily portable, making them perfect for temporary accommodations for business purposes or holiday cottage use. Movable structures have also become increasingly popular across the UK as holiday cottages or professional spaces to host seasonal events.

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