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Why Choose Eurodita?s Glulam Log Houses

Why Choose Euroditas Glulam Log Houses for Your Next Home

Most people picture classic log cabins made from whole round timber logs; however, thanks to glulam construction techniques they can take many forms.

Eurodita has been producing log structures since 1993 and uses only FSC-certified Nordic wood in its construction processes, to guarantee maximum accuracy without human errors or mishaps. Its computerized manufacturing system ensures optimal production.

1. Durability

Glulam log cabins.are much stronger and more durable than solid wood ones, as well as being resistant to rot and pest infestations. Furthermore, their modular nature enables them to be formed into various shapes and sizes; moreover they are significantly lighter and stronger compared to steel or concrete structures.

A 612-foot long glulam beam has an increased strength-to-weight ratio than its steel equivalent and can safely bear more weight.

Gulam is dense and moisture resistant, which makes it a good thermal insulator and keeps homes warm in winter while cool in summer, cutting energy bills significantly. Plus, its dense construction prevents mildew and mould formation which could contribute to asthma issues if left in contact with moisture for too long.

Eurodita offers glulam log cabins of all shapes and sizes to meet various lifestyle needs, ranging from stylish vacation homes and real estate annexes to customized playpens for children or glamping pods. All are constructed using only certified Nordic timber from FSC suppliers; production processes are fully computerized to avoid human errors during manufacturing.

2. Low Maintenance

People who build log cabins do so to escape their hectic lifestyles and enjoy nature while at the same time needing minimal upkeep of their structure. Glulam timber doesn’t rot easily and lasts decades – plus, its ecological-friendliness makes it ideal for environmentally conscious builders.

Wood used in glulam log houses is kiln-dried before use, eliminating the need for chemical treatments, while also decreasing knot count that might otherwise cause issues. Finally, these structures tend to be cheaper to construct due to being lighter material with fewer trees required.

Eurodita, a log cabin manufacturer from Lithuania, utilizes glulam technology to construct high-quality wooden structures. Their buildings can withstand harsh climatic conditions while remaining easily transportable – they offer log cabins, garden sheds, wooden playhouses and BBQ huts among many other products as well as exclusive dealership programs that enable businesses to privately-label their products.

3. Energy Efficiency

Many nations are adopting stringent green building standards, which is fuelling demand for prefabricated glulam log homes. With lower emissions compared to concrete buildings and their natural insulating properties making them more energy efficient – these log walls absorb heat during the daytime before discharging it at nighttime – prefabricated glulam log homes offer superior energy efficiency year round!

Due to its natural wood composition, glulam offers more fireproof qualities than steel structures. Timber burns at a much slower rate, preventing fire from easily spreading from log to log. Furthermore, its high tensile strength makes glulam structures more robust against wind and earthquake forces.

Eurodita has earned itself a spot in the market since 1993 by manufacturing and selling an extensive selection of glulam cabins, garden sheds, and other log structures. Utilizing FSC-certified Nordic timber to construct eco-friendly glulam buildings. Their production process is fully computerized to prevent human errors; additionally they offer dealership plans to private companies so their products may be sold under their own brands.

4. Flexibility

If you want a log house that fits seamlessly into its natural topography and weather conditions, Eurodita of Lithuania uses FSC-certified Nordic wood to craft eco-friendly glulam buildings designed to stand the test of time and weather conditions while remaining lightweight enough for transport. Eurodita can offer various options when selecting their manufacturer – Eurodita’s durable yet lightweight log cabins are made using FSC certified Nordic wood which make up FSC buildings that last decades and can even withstand rough climate conditions with ease! Eurodita offers durable yet lightweight log cabins designed to withstand rough climate conditions as they can be transported easily when purchased from Lithuania! Eurodita specialises in creating FSC certified Nordic wood buildings which last decades while remaining lightweight; their glulam buildings stand up to rough climate conditions whilst remaining portable allowing easy transportability!

The company also provides modular drive-around structures with standardised floor plans that comply with global market standards, making them suitable for long distance transportation – making them a popular choice among builders and contractors.

Eurodita stands out in Europe’s expanding log cabin industry thanks to their network of 50 branch offices and exclusive dealers, each providing Eurodita with over fifty glulam timber cabins that are highly durable and easy to transport; their manufacturing process uses computerization so less likely are damaged during shipping. They offer customization services so clients can meet individual needs while streamlining supply chains.

5. Value

Glulam is an eco-friendly insulation material, naturally keeping warm during winter and blocking heat out in summer, drastically cutting energy costs and helping save on energy costs. Furthermore, its moisture absorbing capabilities mean less mildew or mould growth in its structure.

Glulam’s sound absorbing qualities allow it to absorb vibrations more effectively and contain them, thus diminishing their tinny, echoy sound that steel structures may generate. This feature is especially advantageous for business structures which must reduce carry-through chatter or keyboard clacking noise, or homes where television noise or kids playing upstairs could be bothersome to others within the home.

Gulam log cabins are stronger and more durable than their log counterparts due to being manufactured in various shapes, sizes, and styles. This allows architects greater freedom when designing them – with proper upfront design and annual upkeep costs it can become part of your property for decades with value added by an architect’s design. As countries worldwide impose stricter environmental conservation standards glulam has emerged as an engineered wood product of choice as less susceptible to moisture damage allowing architects to craft distinctive structures for families or businesses wanting to stay true to nature while keeping design aesthetics.

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