Who Makes the Best Log Cabins?

Posted Jun 24, 2022

Moosehead Cedar Log Homes is the best-known company that builds log cabins, but who makes the best ones? It’s difficult to decide, but here are a few contenders: Blue Ridge Log Cabins, Coventry Log Homes, Norse Log Homes, and the newly-renovated Norse Lodge. Each has its own merits and unique characteristics. Let’s explore each company’s pros and cons to make your decision a little easier.

Blue Ridge Log Cabins

Blue Ridge Log Cabins is an American company that builds custom homes in South Carolina. It has created modular home building practices for the upscale log cabin industry. Its 110,000-square-foot South Carolina production facility enables it to create a variety of floor plans and designs. Each model is fully equipped with all the features required for the perfect living space. Blue Ridge Log Cabins is located in Campobello, S.C.

The Luxe 2 is the second model in the Luxe Log Home Series by Blue Ridge Log Cabins. It features a 14-foot panoramic glass door and an open center section for entertaining. Whether you prefer seclusion or want to entertain, this cabin is ideal for you. Its two bedrooms and two baths will make you feel as if you are in a resort, surrounded by nature. And, with a full kitchen, you can cook a gourmet meal.

The company’s quality-conscious design and construction standards ensure the highest-quality homes. Each log cabin is carefully monitored for moisture, grade, and placement and is designed to withstand 130 miles/winds. Blue Ridge Log Cabins offers a comprehensive package of accessories to complement the beauty of your new cabin. In addition to high-quality materials, Blue Ridge Log Cabins offers a variety of options for interior and exterior designs.

Moosehead Cedar Log Homes

Moosehead Cedar Log Homes are log cabins that are made from various kinds of cedar and pine. Two Carpenters Construction is the official dealer of Moosehead log homes in Hancock County, Maine. Their team can help you design your dream log home, or help you downsize from a larger house. This Maine-based company has more than two decades of experience, and you can rely on their craftsmanship and experience.

As part of RH Log Works, LLC, Moosehead Cedar Log Homes manufactures custom log homes and kits for construction in New England. As a family-owned business, they have been serving the New England area for over 30 years. The Moosehead team is ready to help you create a dream log home that fits your style and budget. These homes are perfect for anyone looking to live a more rustic lifestyle while saving money on the process.

When you build a log home, you want to ensure that it’s made from durable, strong wood. Western red cedar is a good choice. It grows straight up and at the length required for construction. It’s also lightweight, insulating, and easy to work with. White cedar is another great choice, but it’s less dense and produces smaller logs with more connective areas. Cedar log homes can be built anywhere, and they are perfect for outdoor use.

Coventry Log Homes

If you’re looking for the perfect log cabin, consider buying one from Coventry Log Homes. They specialize in one-room log cabin kits. The Coventry Getaway Cabin, for example, features a large veranda, three double windows, and a porch. And because their log cabins are manufactured from individual, interlocking Spruce logs, they have tight wood grains that prevent the home from warping.

Coventry Log Homes has more than 60 different model log homes for sale. These include energy-efficient log homes with high-ceilings, garages, and more. There are also basic packages, which enable buyers to find their own lumber, or choose a custom-designed package. And their Montana Mobile Cabins are the ultimate in rustic retreats, made from hand-peeled logs. They include an open porch, finished wood floors, and a spacious interior. The best part? Their log cabins start under $50,000.

A Coventry Cabin is located near Robin Hill Park, just off Thorn Run Road. This historic log cabin was built in 1825 by John Coventry, a Revolutionary War veteran and weaver. John Coventry’s family lived in it for 50 years, and after his death, the cabin was restored and dedicated to the community. Three generations of the Doehre family have occupied this cabin, so it’s no wonder they’re the most popular log cabins in the region.

Norse Log Homes

Norse Log Homes is a company that has been making handcrafted log cabins and houses for over 40 years. They have experience in building everything from log ski chalets on mountain tops to log cabins on secluded lakes. They can even build your office in a wood cabin. The company’s experienced team has designed and built more than 1000 homes. Read on to learn more about why Norse makes the best log cabins and houses.

Their process of building a log home begins with hand-peeled Douglas Fir or Western Red Cedar logs. They are then individually selected, hand-peeled and scribed for tight fit. The end result is a log home that will be a beautiful and comfortable place to spend time. The best thing about Norse Log Homes is that they build their homes without any outside help.

When building a log home, any tall tree is fine. However, there are certain trees that are better than others for different purposes. Cypress, for example, provides logs that are rot-resistant and hardy. White pine is less durable and stain-resistant than yellow pine, but it grows faster. Cedar and hemlock are considered “Premium” woods because they have natural qualities that pine does not have.

Old Virginia Hand Hewn Log Homes

The Southwestern corner of Virginia is home to Old Virgina Hand Hewn Log Homes, Inc. The company is now in its sixth generation of handcrafters. The 6″ x 12″ logs are hewn by hand using an ax and handcrafted into the home of your dreams. Old Virginia Hand Hewn Log Homes specializes in custom made log homes and assembles all corner systems.

The hand hewing process is centuries old and is still used to square up timber frame homes today. Hand hewn siding and logs are the most common types of log siding. Hand hewing was originally developed in Europe during the 1100s and refined through European migration. During the early 20th century, this process of woodworking was popular in the United States as well. And, it hasn’t stopped there.

Jeremiah Johnson Log Homes

Jeremiah Johnson Log Homes has a reputation for building the highest quality log cabins, but how do they do it? They manufacture their cabins offsite in a controlled factory environment, meaning that a lot of the building process is finished before it is transported. They follow the strictest building codes and conduct rigorous inspections. This allows them to deliver their homes in as little as twelve weeks from the time they finalize the floorplan.

The Tyron modular log home is the perfect weekend getaway for two or three people. This cabin has one bedroom and a bathroom. Its open-plan living space is perfect for entertaining guests, and the kitchen is beautiful. The log homes can also be customized to include a porch. They are also available as permanent residences. If you’re considering a log cabin, you’ve come to the right place!

The company is a third generation business. Founder Dennis Anderson grew up in St. Cloud, Minnesota, where he was raised developing lakeshore property. The company later relocated to the Rocky Mountains in 1995. Today, they are licensed in twenty-four states and employ a traveling crew of skilled craftsmen. In addition, they have received multiple awards. Among their many honors include the Gold Star Award from the Better Business Bureau and numerous other awards for the quality of their products and services.