Where’s the best place to build mobile homes?

Posted May 08, 2020, Category: Advice

Often, the future owners of mobile homes wonder what is the best place to place the mobile home on. Since it is not as as permanent building as contemporary residential log cabins or glulam log houses, there can be a serious debate to whether to choose owned land or a mobile home park. In the US, mobile home parks are quite popular and this question arrises more often than not. In the European market, this question can arise when long-term renting a summer house in a summer residence park. Wherever you are, the underlying question is the same: do you want to place your mobile home on a rented lot or purchase your own land and place it there?

With our 27 years of experience in construction and sales of mobile homes, we at Eurodita can give our view and arguments for and against each choice. We hope that our insights can help you make a decision faster. We also hope that based on your decision, you can also choose a great bespoke mobile home design.

Owning your own land

There are great perks in owning your own land. If you like to live independently and with a sense of a lot of personal space, a custom mobile home on a private land might be exactly what you need. Also, if you have a green thumb and require space to hone your craft, this is also a great option.

However, there are also challenges that you must face while setting up your private land. If you have committed to owning the land for your mobile home, consider the following aspects. Make sure that necessary utilities are brought to your land lot. Your bespoke mobile home with be a difficult place to live in without running water or electricity. Also, make sure that road access is cleared for your mobile home suppliers to be able to deliver the mobile home to be constructed. With this you will also be responsible for pouring the right type of concrete foundation that will need to be established before the mobile home manufacture.

Also, keep in mind whether emergency services are available for your lot and how far your mobile home will be from medical facilities. You will need special permits for owning the land, as well as zoning compliance to keep in mind. None of this means that owning your own land is impossible. On the contrary, it is very possible and if this is your dream – you should pursue it. However, you will need to be realistic about the challenges ahead, before you can lounge in front of your own mobile home.

Renting land in a mobile home park

The primary and probably the only purpose a park like this is founded, is to make space for mobile homes. There are some great perks that come with choosing to settle in a mobile home park.

First of all, the foundation will be laid down and made ready for your custom mobile home. The delivery of your mobile home will also be easy, because the park is designed for that – with large enough, paved roads next to every lot. All the utilities will already be connected and your mobile home just needs to be connected to them.

Additionally, you will have the park staff available to help you with installation of your customer mobile home. They can help with minor issues and handle all building inspections. Most big parks have a well-trained maintenance staff that can help you with issues that arise after your mobile house was built up and through the course of you living there. You will also always have who to call when power goes out or water stops running.

All this sounds like there are more pluses than minuses about living in a mobile home park or long-term renting a summer residence. However, just like with everything, there are some drawbacks and depending on your preferences, they can appear pretty significant.

Mobile home parks will always set the rent of the space your mobile house sits on and you will have little control over that price. Additionally, some parks and especially if you are renting an already built mobile summer house, you may not have control over the lot you are assigned, or any modifications that could be made to the house.

In direct contrast to owning your own lot, in a mobile house park, you will constantly be living very close to other people. Some mobile home parks and summer home parks sometimes organise social events that can be bothersome if you are looking for privacy. Finally, some parks have been known to add surcharges for utilities, although your lot rent might already cover part of them. Make sure to clear this up before signing any contracts with any of the parks.

There are solutions for everyone out there and so there are too for mobile home owners. If you are concerned about depreciation of mobile home value or wondering if it is a wise investment, you might find our previous post about bespoke mobile homes and mobile homes wholesale interesting. We cover this topic from our experience and from research of the overall industry. If you are still undeterred and decided that mobile home is what you need – be it as a bespoke summer house or a full residence, please visit our website to look through all mobile home designs and pick the best one that strikes your fancy. Good luck!