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What other additional services do you have to offer to your clients following a purchasing a log cabin?

The first time you purchase a log cabins can be a challenge. They typically have lots of questions. They can also pester your with requests for details. If your service includes the post-construction work of maintenance or renovations, you could encounter more inquiries.

It’s true that even the most modern log cabins available to be sold require a lot of care. So, in the 27 years of business in log cabins that we have run, the team at Eurodita have plenty of wisdom to offer. In this article we’ll look at general tips you can offer your customers regarding log cabin’s upkeep. If your company is just beginning it could help you to brainstorm ideas for products you can provide. Every post-construction service is an excellent value added to the customer and should be considered.

Regularly scheduled inspections

The following is equally a guideline in the same way as it’s a possible service. Regular professional inspections of the log cabin’s grounds and interior can ensure the property’s maintenance for a long time. Inspections should be conducted at least two times every year, one in spring and again in the fall.

While inspecting the property, you need to be on the lookout for fungal and mould growth. In different seasons, their movements could be different. In spring, right following winter, it’s crucial to examine piping and the possibility of damage caused by freezing. If winter was especially cold, glass could be affected too. As the autumn approaches, look for water and leaf damage, and take additional steps to ensure there’s not any evidence of mould.

External maintenance

Another service you can provide to your clients. Maintenance on the exterior can be expensive, particularly if you have lots of property that needs to be maintained. We have thoroughly discussed in our article on modern log cabin maintenance. In the end similar to inspections, massive property maintenance must also be carried out throughout the seasons of spring and autumn.

The most crucial aspects of maintenance for cabins’ exteriors involve removing branches, leaves and other woody fodder. It is usually used to obstruction to piping as well as other equipment. Also , it is important to clear forests fodder to guard against fire. This is usually done in the spring.

In the autumn the most crucial thing to do is preparing for winter. Eliminating mould is the most crucial aspect, especially if an infestation is detected. Through the winter months there is a chance that any fungal or mould problems will be dormant but when spring arrives, the mould will begin to spread. It is essential to seal all crevices and crevices prior to the first snowfall in order to keep any rodents out. They are fond of making their winter homes in small warm nooks and the glulam beams house can quickly become a nesting spot.

Another essential aspect of exterior maintenance is to give the glulam beams a clean coating of painting. This can be done each year in spring to ensure that the paint stays fresh and the beams safe However, it is recommended to apply the paint at least once every two years. This prevents the beams from getting damaged and rotting by sun. It also keeps the color, if there is any it is present, vibrant and fresh.

Internal maintenance

Like the exterior inside, the interior of a log home needs care and attention. This is a fantastic bonus to provide to your customers. We discussed the subject of changing the flooring in log cabins in our last post in relation to the what kind of flooring is preferred by the client. In addition the interior of the cabin will be checked for fungal and mould growth. When the log home is large and has a functional bathroom, this is where the mold is most likely to show. It’s also essential to watch the fireplace, and to secure the floor from fire dangers.

The deep washing of the cabin’s interior is also a fantastic option to offer. This is particularly crucial in the case of a cabin that is being intended to be a custom summer home, meaning it is used only during the season. This is also true for camping pods, log cabins of a smaller size and the like. In the course of deep cleaning, dirt and mold that have settled during winter can be sucked up and cleared out before it causes problems.

It is important to find any rodent-related infestations before they grow. Rodents can carry disease and cause serious damage to glulam and other beams. In addition they can also be able to get into food storage facilities and cause a lot of damage. It may also be helpful to put traps in locations in which rodents have already shown themselves.

Whatever service you decide to offer your customers ensure that you deliver it in a professional manner. Subcontracting is also an option in the event that you trust your business partners you choose to work with enough. All in all any additional service, when done correctly, could truly transform your customer from a an individual purchaser to a regular, long-term purchaser. If you’re considering starting a log cabin business take a look at the Partners Program page for more details. Have fun!

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