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Saunas or steam rooms are recognized for their health benefits, as well as their aid in relaxation. In the north of Scandinavia saunas have become very popular and are being built inside flats of high-rises. However, the most popular place to construct saunas is inside the log house. So steam rooms and saunas can be built within the log home or close to the building, within the BBQ shelter or even a separate log home.

In this article this post, we at Eurodita want to share our experiences with saunas. We’ve built and sold numerous BBQ cabins and homes with glulam kits that performed as a huge sauna. We will discuss the most popular kinds of heaters that you can pick for your sauna. We will also discuss the dimensions and styles of structures used to build saunas and the type that is the best fit for your needs.

Heater type

This is the main option to consider when deciding on the right sauna. The sauna you choose between two options: steam traditional and stone convection systems or FIR, which is a far infrared sauna.

If you picture an ambiance that is steamy, composed from wood and filled with pleasing aromas, you’re thinking of the classic convection sauna. In this instance you’ll find a heater on one wall, which is continuously heating a large basket of stones. The source of the fire could be gas, electricity or wood. By ladling, you pour water with essential oils on the rocks. This releases aromatic steam which, when together with heat can create great relaxation effects.

Far Infrared saunas give a different experience. They create heat through an infrared radiation, which is unlike microwaves. But , don’t worry, it’s completely safe! What you will receive is an extremely low humidity and moderate heat. FIR saunas require less energy, and is frequently connected to an electrical source.

The last type of sauna is steam rooms. The rooms utilize a device known as a steam generator, which is used to boost the humidity of the steam room up to 100%. In general, steam rooms maintain less heat than the other types of saunas.

To make a sauna or steam room, you’ll always have to consider the appropriate kind of fuel you’ll use. From gas to electricity to wood, the option will also be based on the location of your sauna.

Size and the location

The size and position the sauna is located will in large part depend on the place you have. In the past you could put your sauna inside your apartment near your log home built of glulam, or in a separate custom home.

In previous posts we’ve briefly talked about our barbecue grills and huts. They are very well-known in Sweden which is where they originated and are referred to as Kota grills. As a BBQ Hut suppliers We are in the place to strongly recommend this type of grill. It’s compact, it can be placed on top of any glulam beams house , and can be fitted with any kind of heater.

You can also install an sauna or steam room within your custom log cabin. If you have sufficient space and you are able to install a high-quality ventilation system and a secure heating system, this is a good alternative. You’ll be able to enjoy a relaxing access to your sauna directly from your log home. And If you opt for gas or electricity for heating, you don’t have to scrub the wood after it is burned.

Another option is to build the largest cabin made of logs and transforming it into a complete sauna or steam room. This is the place where the wood heating really shines. In this type of house with glulam you can enjoy the traditional sauna experience with a wood fire and the right quantities of steam. You can also build a lounge to relax after the sauna, shower or the full bathroom or the possibility of a guest room. This kind of home transformation using glulam beams is truly a wonderful experience. It will all depend on the amount of space in your property and the funds needed to construct an additional log home.

In the end, if you’d like to build an indoor sauna in your home FIR is your best option. The sauna you choose to set up is tiny, and not much larger than a typical bathroom. Remember that based on your room’s size it may be necessary to shrink the size of a space. If you’re committed, this may be an option.

Saunas or steam rooms can be usually thought of as an essential part of our lives. For those who are adamant about this way of life, they will claim the best way to enjoy sauna is to follow the traditional and wood-heated. But we are living in the modern age and if your log home isn’t equipped to accommodate this type of lifestyle it’s not a reason to make it a priority. Choose the one that works the best fit for your needs. Best of luck!

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