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What additional services you can offer your clients after log cabin purchase?

First time buyers of log cabins can be challenging. They usually have a lot of questions and can bombard you with requests for information. If your services include post-construction maintenance work or renovation, you may receive even more questions.

And let’s face it, even contemporary log cabins for sale require extra attention. And so, during 27 years of log cabin business, we at Eurodita have a lot of insight to share. In this post, we will go through general advice you can give your clients about their log cabin maintenance. If your business is just starting, this article can also serve as a way for you to get ideas of services you can offer. Each post-construction service can be a great added value to the buyer and hence is worth considering.

Regular inspections

This is as much an advice, as it is a potential service. Regular, professional inspections of the log cabin grounds and interior can help maintain the property for many years. Inspections should be done at minimum 2 times per year, once in the spring and once in the fall.

During the inspection, it’s important to keep an eye out for mould and fungal infestations. During different seasons, their movement can differ. In spring, just after winter, it’s also important to check piping and possible freeze damage. If the winter was particularly cold, glass might have been affected as well. In the fall, check for leaf clogging, water damage and take extra steps to insure there isn’t any moulding showing.

Exterior maintenance 

Another potential service that you can offer to your customers. Exterior maintenance can get taxing, especially if there’s a lot of property to maintain. This topic we have extensively covered in our post about contemporary log cabin exterior maintenance. To sum it up, just like with inspections, large-scale property maintenance should also be done during spring and autumn.

The most important parts of cabin exterior maintenance have to do with eliminating leaves, branches and other forest fodder. This usually serves as a clog up for piping and other systems. Also important to remove forest fodder as a precaution against fire. This should usually be done in the spring.

In autumn, the most important part is preparation for winter. Getting rid of mould is the most important part, if the infestation has been detected. Over winter, any mould or fungal infestations will remain dormant, but as soon as the spring comes, it will start spreading. Also important to cover all nooks and crannies before the first snow to keep all rodent infestations out. They love to make their winter nests in small, warm nooks, and the glulam beams houses can easily become such a nook.

Another important exterior aspect is giving the glulam beams a fresh coat of paint. It could be done every year in spring, to keep the coat fresh and beams protected, but it is recommended to do so at least every two years. This will keep the beams from rotting and damaged by the sun. It will also keep the colour, if any, fresh and vibrant.

Interior maintenance 

Just like with the exterior, the interior of any log house needs attention and maintenance. It’s a great added benefit to offer to your clients. We covered the topic of changing log cabin flooring in our previous post, based on type of flooring chosen by the customer. Not only that, the interior will also need to be scanned for mould and fungal infestations. If the log house is big and has an usable bathroom, that’s where the mould is likely to appear. Also important to keep an eye on the fireplace and secure the floor from potential fire hazards.

Deep washing of the cabin interior is also a great service to provide. This is especially important if the cabin is used as a bespoke summer house, as in, it’s only used seasonally. This also applies to camping pods, small log cabins and so on. During deep cleaning, the dust and mould that settled over winter can be caught and cleaned out before it can cause issues.

Also important to catch any rodent infestations inside before they can expand. Rodents carry diseases and can seriously damage glulam and other types of beams. More than that, they can get into food storage and wreck some serious havoc. It might also be useful to set traps in places where rodents already showed themselves.

Whichever service you choose to provide to your customers, make sure you can do it well. Subcontracting can also work, if you trust the business partners enough. Overall, any additional service, if done properly, can really transform your client from one-off purchaser, into a long-term, repeated buyer. If you’re seriously considering getting into log cabin business, please also check out our Partner Program page for more information. Good luck!