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Ways to make a log home more eco-friendly

We at Eurodita always follow the market and listen for news and trends. In glulam house construction market, or any real estate for that matter, eco-friendliness is on the rise. It is something we often discuss with our log home supplier partners. We are always striving to improve our log home manufacture process and we are always looking for the best advice to give our partners, so they can stay on top of the market.

In this blog post, we will be sharing our insights into the log home market and how ecology has become extremely important in even the tiny home kits. We will also walk through several options our partners can help their clients, to keep up with the eco-friendliness trend: we will walk through the ways a log cabin can be turned more eco-friendly.

Green energy service 

It all starts and ends with energy. All contemporary log cabin homes can be hooked up the green energy service. Help your clients find local companies that will, for a small fee, slowly transfer your clients’ private label homes onto energy sources that are clean. This means that part of their energy will be coming from solar farms, wind turbines and other sources that helps the environment stay clean.

Solar power panels

Another great way to get your clients into green energy is to advice installation of solar power panels onto their custom log homes. Not only will this provide a green alternative to traditional power sources, but will help your clients with remote bespoke log cabins stay energy-independent. Most people use solar energy during the night or as stored energy for later use. Solar energy panels are usually hooked up to energy batteries that will also be installed in your clients’ bespoke timber houses. That is where the energy is stored until needed. If there is one draw-pack to solar panels, is that there is a limited amount of energy that can be stored in those batteries.

Energy saving curtains

Moving away from energy sources, energy saving is the next big thing. Curtains that save energy are the cheapest and easiest way to stay green. Make sure your clients know about them and install these curtains on all possible windows of their custom log homes. Although glulam log homes produced by us rarely face the issue of leaking heat due to double glazed windows and doors, the system is still not perfect. Energy saving curtains will trap the heat inside the house during winter and keep the cool air inside during summer months, when the air conditioner is running.

Heated floor 

The vast majority of heat loss actually happens through the floor. This is true for all contemporary residential log cabins and homes. Installing ground heating will help your clients retain more heat while using less energy. Additionally, the heat will be distributed evenly throughout bespoke log homes of your clients. That will help reduce the moisture that could cause damage to the glulam beams over time. It is a great investment that has many benefits to the preservation of log houses and energy efficiency.

Capture rainwater 

Nothing easier than to install a pipe that leads down from the drainage on the roof to a cistern. There are cisterns that sanitise the rainwater as it is accumulated and it can be used all over glulam beams houses. This sort of system can cost anywhere between $2,000 and $4,000. But if your client is looking for a cheaper way to save water, a regular barrel can cost up to $100. Although sanitising the water will still be necessary. Alternatively, rainwater could be used on plants in dry seasons. Of course, the regular advice for your clients should be to save water by taking fewer showers and not leaving it running for too long. Small actions go a long way towards eco-friendly living.

Harness the hydropower

Quite a few glulam timber frame houses are built near a water source: a stream, a river, a lake. What these clients rarely fail to take advantage of is the potential for hydropower. It is remarkably easy to harness: simple installation of underwater mill technology will keep the log house powered for all occasions. It is the type of power that is often overlooked and is surprisingly eco-friendly, as in small projects such as this, it will not disturb water ecosystems.

As contemporary log cabins market gets more competitive, our partners must stay on the curve. Eco-friendly advice, or even service provision together with glulam house construction, can be a real game-changer for your business. It is the newest trend in real estate, but the one with positive impact. Stay with it and you should stay ahead of the game. And if you are still struggling to find a log home supplier that you can rely on to construct a bespoke rooftop for those solar panels, check out our Partner Program and contact us for more information. Good luck!


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