Water and log cabins: the things you must know before installing plumbing

Posted Oct 01, 2021, Category: How-to

When you are looking to purchase a custom log cabin one of the most important items to be considered is plumbing. Running, clean water is a luxury, but it’s also a requirement. It’s an additional element to your plumbing strategy in the event that you need your drinking water to heat up. In any way you think about it, there’s a lot of work to be completed and decisions to be taken.

At Eurodita In the 27 years we have had experience, we’ve created a variety of log houses made of glulam along with smaller kit cabins. Since we also offer custom log cabins and log cabins, we have created the log cabins to be used for various possibilities. In this blog we will discuss certain aspects of plumbing within a glulam wood house that every homeowner or businessperson must consider.

Plumbing use

The first thing that comes to mind is what kind of use will the plumbing experience. It will depend on a variety of variables. How large is your family? How long or often are you staying there, what size the log home. Will you use your log cabin in the summer months, or will you be staying in the entire year.

These questions can help you determine the extent of your plumbing plan needs to be. Additionally, it is crucial to study the weather patterns. How cold can winter become, and how hot the summer is. Are some extreme weather situations your log cabin will have to endure. The geography is another crucial aspect. How far from facilities is your home. Are you able to connect to the local plumbing. The first thing to do is researching. In based on that you will be able to make decisions about your plumbing.

Outdoor plumbing

This option is suitable for many log cabin styles. They could be big or small, but generally outdoor plumbing is used in smaller homes. It means that water will flow to the interior of your log home via pipes that connect to the outside walls. The water source varies according to the location you live in however a good solution is to collect rainwater. Place pipes from the point of collection that connects to the building. This will however require further filtering of the water, so ensure that you have the power needed for an appropriate filter. The solution is fairly simple and requires only one access point to the pipe. Additionally, you will be able to control the hot or cold flow of water when you have a boiler installed which will heat the water.

There are some problems that this type of plumbing has to overcome. One of it is the cold winter. Cold temperatures could cause the pipes’ water supply to become frozen. This could cause damage to the whole plumbing system, and prevent the water from flowing completely. Another option is to protect the plumbing outside your log home constructed of glulam. The ability to keep frozen water out cold temperatures is vital.

Another obstacle to conquer is the installation of a reliable drainage system. Whatever water enters your house, it has to be able to drain out. If you have outdoor plumbing, since it’s so easy it’s possible that the drainage will be as simple as one tiny hole in the wall , and an opening for a drop point. But, you need to ensure that it’s a good drainage system and ensure that you do avoid clogging it. Since the drainage will be directed to the outside Be aware of debris that can block your drainage. often clear all the food waste that is a result of the natural environment surrounding your log home. The system should be less heavy than an ordinary urban home system.

Indoor plumbing

This kind that is plumbing more complex and is typically installed in the larger glulam beams houses. It’s very similar to conventional urban plumbing and requires connecting to the grid of your local area. If you have the option for this kind of plumbing, you must absolutely consider it even if the log cabin isn’t huge. There are many advantages that outdoor plumbing can’t provide. There is no need to fret about wintertime freezing or other filters. A boiler to heat water could not even be needed in this scenario, provided it’s offered through the system in your area.

Plumbing in the indoors can be complicated but. If your home is tiny or aren’t planning to live there all seasons, a full-time indoor plumbing might be too costly to invest in. We at Eurodita are able to prepare all our log cabins and homes to be used in such projects, but we recommend this only if you’re planning to build your own custom log home.

Plumbing is a major factor that can affect the comfort you enjoy in your new log cabin. We hope this guide will help you make the right choices and enhance the experience of staying in your log cabin. Best of luck!