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Top 5 real reasons you need glulam log homes

Let’s be honest, when thinking about big projects like building contemporary log cabin homes, we first focus on reasons why NOT to do it. It takes too long, it’s too difficult, or you just don’t know enough about glulam. Is it even safe? Is it well insulated?

Well, Eurodita is here to lay these questions to rest. With a list of good, real reasons why glulam log homes are a good choice, it will be easier to decide. Get one of these glulam log houses and be happy with the choice, knowing you made the right one.

Small looks good

Right now, living in a cozy small space is all the rage. Even houses are shrinking in size and design elements are adapting to increasingly small rooms. Whether you want to live by the trend, or just want a home with cozy environment, glulam house design is here to help you. Glulam log cabins are especially adept at providing small, manageable space without sacrificing comfort. Due to their size, glulam log cabins also look small, cozy and elegant on the outside too. It’s a win-win.

Good for the environment

Glue lamination process strengthens wooden planks that glulam house frames are made of. This gives the construct longevity and makes sure that once it’s built, it will last a long time. Glulam doesn’t pollute the environment and once it’s used up – which takes a long time – it can be burned as biofuel. There are no negative effects from living in houses built with glulam.

Flexible design

Because of the glue lamination process, timber beams can be produced in many shapes and sizes. Before glulam house construction, the model is simulated in a computer program, so the buyer can see the 3D version of their future home. This provides a lot of flexibility for contemporary log home designs. Houses built with glulam can have modern features, looking like an urban model. Or they can be rustic, traditional, looking like bespoke summer houses. Glulam provides a lot of flexibility and freedom for the imagination. The model can start with an idea of how the final living room will look like. Or the bedroom design. It can be built from smallest details and made up to be a dream home.

Long-term investments

Because of the longevity the glue lamination process provides, houses built with glulam stand as good investment into the future. You probably heard tales of classic log home owners who inherit a family log house of 100+ years old. Well, glulam log homes can stand the same test of time. The process that gives timber flexibility also strengthens it, making glulam not only stronger than normal wooden planks, but also more resistant to weather effects, seasonality, and even fire. Some glulam buildings still stand tall since the end of 19th century, so it stands to reason that contemporary log cabin homes are likely to endure similar amount of time with proper maintenance and care.

Speed is an option

If the construction project is time sensitive, glulam log houses can be a speedy option. Log home wholesalers and manufacturers can offer glulam prefab house designs that are standard and can be produced, partly or fully assembled, packaged and delivered in a short amount of time. This is a great option if the owners want to have a summerhouse within the same year. Landowners, who are looking to start their own resorts and want to order many prefab cabin kits will also find merit in this speedy option. Whatever the project, stand glulam log cabins can be produced relatively quickly.

Whichever reason you find for yourself, there are always more reasons to build than not to build – especially when it comes to glulam log homes. Check out the variety Eurodita can offer for quick projects, or reach out to us for custom orders for that dream log cabin.

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