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The sunroom of a home made of logs is everything you should be aware of

We are aware that a lot of times, clients will be selective. They might want an customized solution to achieve their goals. It is their choice, since they are our customers at the end of the day. In the 27 years that we have been in our business and 27 years of operation, we at Eurodita have witnessed our partners have an array of custom log cabins.

In this blog we’d like to highlight a unique choice that a customer is likely to select for their own log home. It’s the sunroom. It is a stunning option one which follows the path of the sun with three windows. They are typically utilized for dining, or as a reading area. This is an extremely particular option that our friends might be interested in learning more about. In this blog we’d like to discuss in greater detail the sunroom, the best way to choose its location, and the challenges log homes can encounter after it’s installed.

Space and the location

Before even considering the idea of a sunroom your clients what their purpose is will be. The sunroom will always be inside, in order to absorb as much light as is possible and also to enjoy the outdoors without leaving the log cabin. As previously mentioned in modern log cabins sunrooms are able to serve a multitude of purposes. They can be used for reading rooms, dining areas or even indoor winter gardens. Whatever the reason it is important to figure out the reason for the sunroom. In this way, we will be able to decide how the sunroom can be utilized.

The second and most important issue is the location of the sunroom within the bespoke timber houses. The primary purpose of the sunroom to absorb as much sun as is possible. This means that it should be placed within the house’s glulam design in a manner that follows the sun’s route from beginning at sunrise until sunset. At a minimum, it should be the closest possible. The site should be on the most beautiful aspect of the custom log cabins that are used for residential purposes. It is crucial to allow the view to be awe-inspiring and appreciate it to its highest degree.

Access and other utilities

The next thing to consider in sunroom design is access. The room must have access to the outside. If you are purchasing bespoke log cabins available for sale, be sure you inform us that the windows in the sunroom should be the full entire length of your wall. This will also provide an opportunity to set up glass doors that be a perfect match with the huge windows and allow for access to the outside. All of our doors and windows are double-glazed and won’t leak heat or let cold air in.

When you are laying out the plans for glulam beam houses together with the client ensure that the sunroom is connected to the kitchen, especially in the event that it is designed to be a dining space. This will provide your clients with immense comfort to cook their food near the outdoor and then enjoy a meal quickly and close to.

The next step are the utilities. When building the sunroom ensure that the log home’s custom heating system is running through the whole log house which includes the sunroom. If this isn’t possible then consider installing a fireplace to warm the room during colder months. The general rule is that your customers shouldn’t be required to install additional heating in the sunroom in the event that they intend to make it a separate part of their log home.

Methods of construction that are different

If you haven’t placed an individualized glulam home kit which includes a sunroom our company, you can find other ways to build it after the log cabin is built. While we would always suggest ordering directly from the company who creates bespoke log cabins to ease the process however, we realize that it’s not always the best alternative. Some clients make a change of mind and want to make changes after construction is completed. This is why we provide some details regarding alternative methods you could incorporate a sunroom into an existing log cabin.

The most common alternative is known as direct set. It’s done by placing glass around the outside of the unit and tiny timbers in between windows. Glass panels that are large are set with stoppers that hold the glass in the right place. Sunrooms of this type typically appear like an outdoor solarium. To install this post-construction of glulam houses kits, you’ll need to open up a full part of the log house.

An alternative that is less complicated and doesn’t require a complete reconstruction is to tear open the walls of log cabins made of glulam and install huge windows. This isn’t going to be the typical sunroom but it will be the top thing. Your guests will enjoy plenty of sunshine when it is situated on an angle that is on the correct side of made-to- measure cabins, and not forgetting the nature sights they’ll be able to see. However it’s not necessary to demolish the whole structure to build a larger sunroom.

Any challenge your customer will throw at you, you must contact us an experienced log cabin maker. When you order a custom log home, you’ll be provided with a sketch of your final product , and we will discuss the specifics of the client’s requirements and adjust the design. If you’re still not sure about an authentic wholesale log home partner, take a look at our partnership program and determine if we’re the one you’ve been searching for. Best of luck!

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