The Showcase Glulam log home Roma

Posted Dec 21, 2021, Category: Cabin production

No one catches the eye of a passer-by as much as tall, beautiful and fully glulam-beam homes. They are ideal accommodation for our customers who want to remain in their own space with no guests. They also love the natural surroundings and would like that to reflect in their villas and homes.

If your customers are searching for modern log home designs with an elegant European design – the glulam log home Rome is perfect for you. In this Showcase we will showcase our concept for this large two-storey building. As with everything else purchased from Eurodita, this house is built with a the wall thickness you choose as well as double glazed windows and doors, which creates a stunning package.


Glulam log home Rome is a design with four bedrooms constructed on two floors with a steep, sloping roof. It boasts a beautiful balcony in front, which is right next to the front porch, which can be used as a seating space. Windows and doors that are double-glazed are strategically placed around the home to allow just enough light. The elegantly protruding joints provide the log home with an air of solidity that is perfectly paired with the timeless elegance of the balcony and roof.

After entering through the glass entrance and you’re immediately met by a hallway that directly to another door that leads directly into the backyard. As you walk through the corridor you’ll be greeted by the living space of the log home. It is a common area to cook in, the living room , and the dining room. A variety of activities can be found in the living spaces of the timber frame homes made of glulam. We made sure to provide enough space for the residents’ everyday lives while retaining the comfort that bespoke timber structures should have.

All the living room space will be located on one side. On the right there’s enough room there to construct work areas large bathrooms, and separate kitchens, if needed. We prefer to refer to as”the most productive part” of houses built with glulam beams.

When you climb the stairs you’ll find yourself in another huge corridor. It will take you in three directions: to one of the bedrooms, or the balcony. The log house made of glulam Rome certainly offers this as a major plus. The balcony isn’t huge however it’s enough to make an ideal seating space or a reading area outdoors. The beautiful railings will add to the overall feel of a luxurious European design.

Bedrooms on either side of the hallway are large enough to accommodate one queen size bed or a larger. With windows strategically placed which are strategically placed, they can receive the proper amounts of light without interfering on your sleep.

Garden and outdoors

If you look outside, bespoke wooden houses like those that are built with a bespoke timber structure can be used to create an extensive garden surrounding them. With a balcony as well as an inviting porch to relax on, the view should be enhanced. With plenty of area on top of first level, the log house Rome could also serve as the perfect location to host a flourishing orchard, or vegetable garden. There’s enough space to build small storage spaces for garden equipment.

A different option is a log home. Rome can also look great with the addition of a garden area at the back. They can be used as storage sheds or work areas for individualistic people. A great home partner is the garage that is glulam. In our catalog we have a variety of styles that we plan to present in the near future. Garages that are large enough can be used as parking cars and gardening equipment. Garages made of glulam are constructed from the same kind of Northern pine that we use for our log houses made of glulam therefore they blend into the same area.

The log house made of glulam Rome is a stunning option. Ideal for larger-scale projects, this style is suitable for use as a home and also a summer accommodation. If you have clients who want a residential summer getaway, this model could be the one they’re looking for.

If you’re trying to find a bespoke log cabin business that can be trustworthy and provide distinctive log cabin designs, then you’re lucky to have found us. Eurodita Eurodita are always striving to provide an experience that is unique to each partner and their customers. We accept a variety of custom orders and will review each aspect if needed. We can advise you on the best option in the circumstances and provide the most favorable price for our partners. If you think all this seems appealing, take a look at the Partners Program and find out details about what that you get when you become a partner. We wish you the best of luck!