The most well-known log cabin materials to suggest to your customers.

Posted Sep 26, 2021, Category: How-to

In the log cabin sales it is always more than a salesperson. You’re a trusted advisor and someone your client trusts for advice. With many customers, especially if this is their first experience buying log homes, the you may get asked the same questions over and over.

In this article we will discuss some of the most important queries your customers might have regarding the production of log cabins. Particularly, what materials they should select in their log cabin kit. With 27 years of experience and a long-standing relationship with our customers, we at Eurodita are well-versed in the most pressing questions asked by our customers. We are determined to address every single one of them promptly. We will present our knowledge of the most frequent concerns with regards to the materials that are used in the construction and designing a log cabin.

Wood type

We discussed this issue in depth in our article on the varieties of timber that are used in modern log homes. In essence it’s a common query that is asked by almost every single customer. We receive these questions through our partners and we’re at hand and ready to respond to the questions.

We utilize what we believe to be the most reliable and reliable species from Northern pine. Most often, it is taken from Siberia or Scandinavia These trees grow slowly and have low resin levels. This creates a tough and durable wood that is light color.

If you are planning to choose an alternative log home provider it is the first question you should ask to ensure you provide the correct information to your customers. There are many options based on regional characteristics. Certain regions that are more southern prefer cypress trees. Others prefer oak or walnut, depending on the latitude they’re located in.

This question is a fact that comes frequently. The main reason behind it is that people are looking to find out if your customized summer houses camping pods, camping tents, or any other type of structure are durable and long-lasting. Therefore, you can inform your customers about the kind of wood that is used in the making of your structures and give them with the sources from which this wood is sourced and how it gets replanted.

Option for roofing

Another question that frequently arises. The style of the roof but also the tiles also used. At Eurodita We always go for a sloped roof whenever we are able to. This type of roof keeps rainwater from accumulating over the top of the roof and causing damage. We recommend this roof option for all of our bespoke summer homes, bespoke garden rooms, custom log cabins and more.

For log cabins made of glulam and garden rooms , we recommend flat roof designs however, they must be in a sloping manner. If you are a client who needs to discuss roof options There are a few important points we would recommend.

For custom log homes we usually recommend the hip to gable roof. It’s basically an highest point ridge that is located in the middle of the roof. It is a slope down from that point. These kinds of roofs are available in different designs.

First , we have the classic roof, with an angle of 19 degrees all the way up to 42 degrees. We also have an elongated roof, with all four edges of the roof go downwards and join at the middle, creating the peak. There’s also the Dutch style roof, which has a gradual slope, unlike the classic or pyramid. This roof style is ideal for when your client is looking to maximize the utilize loft space.

The next thing you need to talk with the client is the roofing tiles. For summer houses made of glulam sheds, garden rooms and other structures you should choose the tuin, also called roof felt. It’s an old-fashioned material that is used to finish timber structures.

For larger structures such as log homes or houses built of glulam We recommend tiles. They are available in sheets, metal or plastic tiles. These are all options that are of high quality and value. It is more expensive to purchase natural tiles. They’re typically made of slate or other stones and are expensive but if your client is able to afford it, it’s a great for aesthetics.

Paint color and type

Another subject we discussed in detail in another blog article. To summarize the next step it is your responsibility to inform your client about the additional work required following the production and setting up. In the event that you offer complete construction services it is still necessary to guide them through the steps, including picking the paint.

For timber-framed homes with glulam The steps are the same starting with primer, the first coat and then finisher. When you finishers are used, you’ll be able to incorporate your client as much as you can, in order to determine the ultimate shade of the home and the specifics of the house. This is the part where you must help your clients in the best way and select the kind of paint that will last and complement the colour palette.

Options for Insulation

At Eurodita We do not personal insulate any log homes we make. We are able to and make bespoke timber houses to be insulated. If you make an purchase with us we’ll add insulation preparation to every order.

When you discuss insulation with your customers It is recommended to work with an experienced log cabin builder who can prepare the log cabin to be used as an insulation. This usually occurs when your client plans to purchase a log cabin as a permanent residence or is looking for a custom summer home construction. It typically is a bigger construction or a seasonal one.

If you’re seeking custom log cabin firms to be your partners, you should be sure you ask them these questions too. The log cabin materials that you offer to customers must be of the highest quality so that you can be sure that you are selling the highest quality log home constructed of glulam. If you’re interested in learning more about the opportunities we offer as your partner, check out the partner program page. We also have covered methods to pick the top log home manufacturer to partner with in our previous article. Best of luck!