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The History of Eurodita: 1994 to 2020… And Counting!

Posted Feb 26, 2020, Category: Business

The History of Eurodita: 1994 to 2020 And Counting!

This blog post is a succinct overview of our company’s history. As a manufacturer producing for b2b clients across the globe, we understand that nothing is more important in our line of business than reputation and trust. And nothing inspires trust more than an honest and transparent public reflection of your own past. This is how it went down:

Humble Beginnings

The story began in 1994. We started out as a Lithuanian craftsmanship company manufacturing garden furniture for the local market. Even though we did well for ourselves, we realized from the very beginning that we must carve out a niche in the international market: sooner rather than later.

First British Clients

Our networking efforts paid off when a company in Britain expressed a real interest in one of our products: small assemblable timber frame panel houses. To increase our appeal to dealers across Europe, however, we soon moved on from timber frame panel houses to interlocking log cabins.

With this product, we hit the jackpot, and smart dealers from all across Europe now wanted to do business with us. Not only was the product great, but there was also little competition at the time. Only several other manufacturers in Finland and Estonia were manufacturing similar log structures. These were the years of rapid growth for Eurodita. Every year our sales network covered more and more European countries.

Scandinavian Investors

Our early successes attracted the attention of international investors. And in 2010, two reputed companies from Sweden and Finland made serious investments in our company. Since then, Eurodita has become unstoppable. With the arrival of Scandinavian capital, we also expanded our assortment. Products like BBQ huts and Kota grill cabins became our new bestsellers.

Legal Assault From Tuindeco

In business, nothing is worse than a competitor who has a more efficient business model. And that’s how the established giants of the log cabins industry began to look at us, an up and coming Lithuanian company that offered better pricing. Sharing the market and competing fairly were not in their plans

So, in the end of 2014, a famous Dutch company by the name Tuindeco sued us. The case was built on a plagiarism charge. Their lawyers claimed that one of our log cabins was a copy of their product. This resulted in a small setback for our company because we were ordered by the court to suspend all production processes for the duration of the legal process. In the end, however, the truth prevailed. The court decided that Tuindeco’s case had been frivolous and their claims unfounded. If you are interested, you can read the full account of Eurodita vs.Tuindeco here.

Bright Tomorrows

In a way, the tiresome legal battle actually benefitted us. Because smart dealers understand what the driving motif of Tuindeco’s legal assault was.

As of today, Eurodita timber products are sold by our partners in 50 different countries around the world. And 2019 is shaping to be our best year ever. We are looking forward to many more bright tomorrows serving smart dealers like yourself.


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