Superior quality: how we achieved 100% customer satisfaction

Posted Oct 26, 2020, Category: Business

It’s no secret that Eurodita is not a new player on the global log cabin market. During the 26 years of successfully participating in this business, one of our proudest achievements is 100% customer satisfaction. And these are customers, as well as our partners. Not only do we deliver on time, 95% of the time to make our partners’ deadlines, we also deliver on end-customer satisfaction a whole 100% of the time. In this post that will involve certain levels of bragging, we would like to share our journey of how we got to this point and our insight into the production process and approach to it.

Superior quality 

In most production industries, there are two ways to produce for profit: either you do it cheap, or you do it better than others. Although there’s a certain attitude towards producing cheap goods, even producing something like log cabins wholesale. We will be the first to say that there is nothing wrong in producing for the economy segment. Our own line of economy log sheds has been very successful and a starting point for our company.

However, we always wanted to do something more, something bespoke and most importantly – something special. That is why, in early 2000s, with our first investment, we have pivoted firmly towards being known as the bespoke log cabin company. We have made significant upgrades to our production line, changed the process of order intake and processing, and most importantly we have changed the raw materials for our entire log home manufacture,

We have switched to Norther pine – a truly superior type of timber than changed the game. With it, we could produce superior quality bespoke log homes of residential caliber. Not to mention the futuristic contemporary log cabins that remind more of modern houses rather than log cabins. We were able to create fascinating bespoke log homes that were unique in their look and feel. More than that, were were able to do so in a quality that is superior to a lot of other producers.

So, investment in production line and correct raw materials – these are the main ingredients in achieving the superior quality of all bespoke residential log cabins production. But that alone is not enough. A different approach needs to be taken in the order intake and processing, as well as change in the way we look at products and customers.

Customer-oriented mindset

First and foremost, what we did was work with and for our partners. They are our primary customer and we are their remote production facility. The products that leave our production floor must be of the finest quality and represent our partner in all the best aspects possible. With the pivot to custom log homes production, we also had to completely overhaul our order processing. Before this shift, we had only several types of log sheds and our customers dictated what types of products they need. Now, we can work together with our partners, hand in hand, crafting bespoke timber houses of various shapes and sizes. We take in our partner’s order with precise measurements, discuss the type of glulam log homes their customers require and how to best deliver on the order.

Now our order processing and offer issuing process is running so smooth, we are able to issue an offer with full 3D model of made to measure log cabins within 24 hours. This was generally well-received by our partners, who were keen to cooperate and deliver the best possible result.

Bespoke products, drawn in 3D and delivered with final pricing within 24 hours. This is our approach to customer-oriented mindset and so far, we have seen nothing but success. On top of that, we also offer to handle delivery, which sometimes can be specialised. For this, we have also invested in our own truck fleet that can handle shipping our pre-packed log home kits. These kits are delivered all ready to be assembled on-site and in some cases, like luxury camping pods, products can arrive already pre-built. That is another way we exercise our customer-first mindset – by providing additional services to make sure the product is delivered safe and ready to be used.

Final thoughts

It takes time and effort to achieve successful business. Most importantly, it takes knowing of what the company is and what they need to do to achieve that identity. Eurodita is the bespoke manufacturer of dreams. We did everything in our power to provide the best customer experience as well as the highest quality contemporary residential log cabins and houses. Our goals now are to expand our operations while providing all the same services that make us great in our partner eyes.