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Parking a car is an issue that will require a solution, one way or the other. Your customers, especially the returning ones that have already purchased a log home from you, or a log cabin, might be interested in learning options for a glulam garage that would fit the general aesthetic of the log cabin. And as your trusted production partner, we are happy to provide an option in our catalogue. Two-storey garage George is not only a garage to park 2 cars in. It’s also a storage room that provides large warehousing space over the car parking lot on the ground. It’s a great option for a garage, so let us present some more details about what makes the George such a good option.

Model details

First and foremost, the George model has enough space for 2 cars. That’s already a big deal for a larger family, since both vehicles can fit without any issues. The model doesn’t have a floor, so it can be placed over an already paved driveway, or other designated spot. This gives a certain degree of freedom for choosing where to place this garage. Next, it has thick 68mm walls that will safeguard the vehicles from the cold dampness. However, just like with most of our bespoke structures, the George can be prepped for insulation, if the winters in your customer’s region get that cold during winter.

Finally, the construction kit arrives with stairs included and those timber stairs lead to the storage floor. Extending over the entire parking area, the storage space can be used for anything, from gardening equipment, to bikes, skis, furniture – you name it, that place has enough space for it. The storage area is secured by a double-glazed door, while gates for the parking area are also included in the construction kit.

Bespoke orders and delivery terms

Just like with the vast majority of our products, the two-storey garage George is delivered flat packed, in pieces that are ready to be assembled on-site. Depending on our agreement, our partners may handle their own shipping details or we can provide a delivery service through our own fleet of trucks – depending on the distance, of course.

Also the same bespoke order terms apply to timber garages, as with any other products. We can use the George model as a base for an individualised garage design. Alternatively, we could build an entirely new model of a garage that would suit your customer’s tastes and needs. In either case, we will render a 3D model of the final product, so your customers can see their garage before the production even starts. This will help in the sales process for our partners and in producing the new look for us.

Final notes

Timber garage George is a large building compared to our other options. If your clients would need something smaller, or only have 1 car, they can pick from other options in the catalogue. For each model, the same bespoke order and delivery terms apply and we will always work with our partners until we get the best and most suitable result possible. This service is available through our partner program, to which we invite all of our potential partners. Let’s talk business together!

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