Showcase: our economy log cabin line

Posted Nov 11, 2020, Category: Cabin production

As a company, we at Eurodita call ourselves the bespoke manufacturers of dreams. These dreams can take shape of the most humble glulam houses to the most extravagant bespoke log homes. We have been investing in our production line for many years in order to be able to manufacture the most individual and unique contemporary log cabins, which our partners find attractive. Because of this capability we were able to build a broad network of partners that see the benefits of our bespoke log cabin production and take advantage of it.

However, we also understand that not every dream is complex and not every order requires intricate solutions and production capabilities. No more is this evident than in our economy log cabin line.

Still popular 

Our log sheds that we build from 19mm thick glulam planks, are still popular, especially with retailers. We are able to produce a huge volume of these sheds at an attractive price. We are also able to deliver them to be sold in hardware and gardening stores. These partners usually offer their customers the full range of gardening and home improvements equipment: from simple nuts and bolts, to full log sheds for their garden.

As with all our products, these log sheds are shipped flat packed. This is done in order to ensure the safety of each component. The assembly is relatively simple – a little bit like building a Lego set, each component of these sheds has to fit with another, forming the full building. The price, quality and quantity ratios are what makes this economy product so popular.

About our sheds – in more detail

We build our sheds from Northern pine – a high-quality material that gives them this beautiful, light shade. It’s also important to keep these log sheds light in colour, as the end customer can then apply the hue they want. All our sheds are built from interlocking T&G logs, which keeps the structure together. It’s worth noting that all these sheds are made without floors. This greatly improves their portability and widens the amount of spaces they can be placed in.

In our standard log shed kits, there will be everything necessary to construct a wooden frame without floors. Doors and windows are always included although due to structural reasons, windows are not opening.

All these specifics apply to our entire selection of log sheds. They come in many sizes and designs, catering to a lot of different needs. Over our 26 years in business, we have developed many options for different markets. Right now, we are able to cater to a wide range of niche tastes for even the simplest log shed.

Our focus

Even though these sheds are relatively simple compared to our more intricate custom log homes, we focus our best efforts in producing them. Our reputation lives and dies by the quality of our work, so even our economy line has our full attention and focus. We put these tiny log cabins through the same quality checks as all our other, more robust products. We make sure that every log shed that leaves our production floor and warehouse has been rigorously inspected, packed properly and shipped safely to our end customers.

Humble beginnings

It’s no secret that Eurodita wasn’t always the bespoke timber houses design and production powerhouse it is today. Our beginnings are much more humble. Our first product was, in fact, a log shed that we shipped regularly to clients. From those humble origins, we were able to expand our portfolio, improve our production capabilities and reach our goals of becoming the bespoke log cabin company we are today. And we are not even done expanding yet, more about that in a different post.

These goals would not have been possible to achieve without our early focus on quality and efficiency of producing even the simple structures that are the log sheds. As long as we will be able, we’ll continue to produce our economy line of log sheds, offering them at the best price and quality ratio possible.

If your company would be interested in working with our economy line, or you see benefits of this scalable product in your portfolio, please don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss the possibility of working together.