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As log home builders We strive to incorporate modern design in the traditional construction of log homes or log cabins. This is how we’ve created the modern log home line and one of our most notable models is our log home Windermere.

It is the result over 27 years creating unique timber houses. Our production and technology lets us build ultra-modern designs, like Windermere. It is minimalist and blocky on the exterior, it is reminiscent of modern-day residential homes popular in European suburbs. We added huge windows to create the illusion of space as well as tall glass doors for greater spaciousness. The contemporary log home designs can be used not just as contemporary summer getaways, but also as a main home. Windermere as well as its kin can be constructed to provide insulation and accommodate individuals throughout the changing the seasons.

Interior design

A modern-day flat than a traditional log cabin, Windermere boasts a great modern log cabin style. Each room is designed to serve a specific purpose however, due to the versatility of our manufacturing line, the layout can be modified depending on the requirements of the customer. The whole layout is built on the principles of comfort and rationality and is designed in such a way that everything is precisely where the client will require it. The porch also gives the feeling of being near to nature while maintaining all the essential conveniences.

Every room, depicted as a 3D render of the typical Windermere layout, can be furnished with furniture, as well as all the necessary appliances and amenities according to clients’ wishes. We utilize this type of 3D rendering to assist our partners to sell what they have created. If you can see the function of each room as well as the visual of how it will appear when the building work is done It is much easier for the customer to assess the value of their investment. Our partners are able to utilize images of this finished product for their own, and in their own offerings to facilitate the selling process.

Utilization of technology

We are very satisfied with Windermere’s design because it has brought us and our partners into the modern market for log cabins that are used in residential homes. We offer these designs to our partners who’s clients want something fresh and new. This is possible because of our investment in technology. The software we employ to create the designs that we’ve created for us. As a result, it is possible to provide our customers with rapid response to custom requests. A full 3D model that includes different outdoor and indoor designs and floor plans, as well as decor for the interior, dimensions adjustments and the primary price offer. This is all possible within the span between 24 and 48 hours. This is the effectiveness of our delivery services that we have created through investing in our process management software and processes. Similar standards are also applied to our delivery and production procedures. We are committed to high-quality rapid production, as well as prompt delivery. Every product, including the log cabin Windermere are delivered to your desired destination in flat packaging and ready to be put together. Every product we create within our business is designed to improve effectiveness, quality, and expansion of our partner.

Traditional vs contemporary

Many of our customers see these two strategies as competing against one another. However, we believe both approaches can be combined for excellent outcomes. The majority of modern log cabins available here result from blending both modern and classic together. It’s the traditional construction of log cabins which made it possible to build the frame made of wood attainable. However, it’s the contemporary style of exterior and the interior style that has made it contemporary and durable. Modern flat design to the layout of the inside creates Windermere stylish and comfortable and stylish, while the use of traditional timber provides the feeling of comfort and being closer to the natural world. The point is that it is impossible to have one with out the other.

We strive to look for the most innovative methods to build our glulam beams homes or log cabins. It helps us stand out in the high-end side of things, and offers truly amazing design concepts. Modern Log cabin Windermere is in our catalog for all of our partners to showcase in their portfolios. We are also willing to modify the design of the cabin via our bespoke order system. We are always willing to make changes and can provide the custom manufacturing of your dreams to all our partners.

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