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Nothing strikes a visitor quite like tall, elegant and complete glulam beam houses. They come of as a dream lodgings for those of our partners’ clients that wish to live secluded, seldom bringing guests. Or simply people that enjoy the company of nature and want that to be reflected in their homes and villas.

If your clients are looking for contemporary log home designs in an elegant European style – glulam log house Rome is just right for you. In this Showcase, we will present our design for this spacious, two-storey construction. Like everything ordered from Eurodita, this glulam house comes with wall thickness of your choice, together with double glazed doors and windows, which makes this an attractive package.

Going inside through the glass door, you are immediately met with a corridor that going will lead straight towards another door and right into the back yard. Going past the corridor, you will be met with the log house’s living area. A common space for the kitchen, the living room and the dining area. Great many activities take place in living rooms of glulam timber frame houses. Here we made sure to leave enough room for inhabitants’ daily lives, but also retained the coziness all bespoke timber houses should have.

All that living room space will be on the left side of the corridor. On the right side, there is enough space here to build work rooms, spacious bathrooms and even separate kitchens if need be. This is what we like to call the productive side of glulam beams houses.

Going up the stairs, you will be met with another spacious corridor. This one will lead you three ways: to either of the bedrooms or to the balcony. The glulam log house Rome surely has this as a gigantic plus. The balcony is not large, but enough to form a cozy seating area or an outdoor reading nook. The elegant railings will contribute to the general feel of exquisite European design.

Bedrooms on each side of the corridor are spacious enough to hold a queen size bed or larger. With strategically positioned windows, they will receive proper amounts of sunlight without intruding on the sleep cycle.

Garden and outdoors

Going back outside, bespoke timber houses such as these lend themselves for an elaborate garden around them. With a balcony and a comfy porch to sit at, the view simply must be improved. With enough space on the first floor, log house Rome can also be a host for a productive vegetable garden or an orchard. There is enough space to install small storage rooms for gardening equipment.

Alternatively, log house Rome will also look good with a garden room on the side. These can serve as storage sheds, or work rooms for more solitarily inclined dwellers. Another great house partner could be a glulam garage. On our catalogue, we have several designs that we will showcase in the future. Garages that are big enough will serve well for car parkings, as well as gardening equipment. Our glulam garages are also made from the same type of Northern pine as our glulam log houses, so they will form a harmony within the same plot of land.

Glulam log house Rome is truly an elegant choice. Made for larger projects, this design can serve as proper residence, as well as a summer lodgings. And if you have clients that demand residential level summer retreat, this design might be exactly what they are looking for.

And if you are still struggling to find the bespoke log cabin company that will be reliable and offer distinct log house designs, you are in luck. We at Eurodita always strive to offer something unique to every partner and their clients. We take many bespoke orders and can go over each and every detail if necessary. We advise on best options given circumstances and will always offer the best deal for our partners. If all of this sounds good, check out our Partner Program and learn more about the benefits you will receive when becoming our partner. Good luck!

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