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Modern lifestyle trends push us to keep up with the demands of the market. The new way of life – working from home – has provided new challenges and in turn have given us an opportunity to offer new solutions. The issues of staying productive while working from home, avoiding interruptions and distractions, even issues of space that is completely equipped for work – all those are new challenges for many households.

To tackle those challenges, we at Eurodita have expanded our offering of glulam garden offices. In this post, we would like to showcase the garden office Harrow. A compact, high quality structure that will fit into back yards and designated plots of land.

Modern problems require modern solutions

The biggest problem those working from home face is a designated space. A place away from members of their family, who unintentionally can always be a source of distraction. Also, it helps our brain when a set space for work is established. It can help us focus, stop thinking about entertainment, or worry about unrelated topics. Now it’s work time and designated space is ONLY for work. This is where the glulam garden office Harrow comes in. It helps create the work space and completely isolates it from the home space. At 15 sq. m. the garden office Harrow can be placed in a medium size back yard. This will ensure that the workspace is accessible easily and has a finite space. Only work is contained within the walls of the glulam garden office Harrow.

Light and space

Garden office Harrow comes with high-quality, tall, glass bifold door that doubles up as front windows. Together with extra 2 tall glass windows, this garden office provides a lot of natural light, which is crucial for mental health and productivity. With bespoke options available, the configuration of windows and doors can be adapted to the needs of the garden office owner.

Another key aspect is space of the home office. With 15 sq. m., garden office Harrow provides more space for work than majority of standard workplaces. As far as classic offices are concerned, there’s enough space for a large desk, a filing cabinet, small kitchenette and a break area. For less office-type workspaces, Harrow provides enough space for a workshop, a creative studio, a drawing board, even a personal library. Together with a lot of natural light, the garden office Harrow is a perfect option for a productivity-inspiring space.

Quality materials

When thinking about any timber building, the first thing that’s important is its resilience to outside elements. With the garden office Harrow, we opted for thick 88mm walls that are prepped for insulation. This way, the garden office can be used in any season. Electricity and heating can also be installed to complete the comfortable space for the entire year. As with all our products, we used Norther pine – a high-quality softwood that provides the light colour you see in all pictures of the building. It’s also a slow-growing wood that strengthens with each season. The glue lamination finish enforces this strength, creating a truly long-lasting building.

Final insights

Our current partners are probably already familiar with our selection of garden rooms and modern glulam garden offices. The Harrow is a fine addition to this list, as well as to the portfolio of any log cabins supplier. Our future partners are always invited to chat with us about the benefits of partnering up with Eurodita via our partner program. Don’t miss out on the current trends!