Showcase: garden room Respite

Posted Aug 31, 2020, Category: Business

Eco-friendly living and living alongside nature has been a talking point for a while in the log cabin industry. More and more clients look for retreats and ways to get closer to nature. It’s especially visible in the garden rooms segment of our production. One of our all-time best sellers is the modern garden room Respite – a cozy, little refuge for the garden lovers. Our partners that specialise in selling garden equipment or those that offer garden rooms as additions next to glulam houses or bespoke log cabins – all are excited to offer Respite and their clients are more than happy to purchase the model.

Its compact size of 5000mmx3000mm creates a cozy space. With the rising popularity of comfortable retreats like man-caves and she-sheds, the garden room really found its place in our catalogue. Also, the increasing popularity of working from home contributes to this phenomenon, as garden rooms tend to be used as home offices with enough privacy for concentration. Eurodita’s catalogue offers our partners the opportunity to include garden room respite together with all the other products. We are happy to see that their customers are interested in this model, as it’s been on our best-selling list for quite a while.

Showcase: garden room Respite

Difference in quality 

We sometimes get questions, like what is the difference between a garden shed and a garden room. On surface level, both timber products appear the same and their usage scenarios can be similar. However, we are always eager to communicate to our partners, and in turn to their clients, that it’s the quality that makes the difference.

As an example, Eurodita offers economy class garden sheds that we sell in bulk to supermarkets or garden equipment resellers. These log sheds would not make for good garden offices or reading nooks, because they have slimmer walls and are smaller in diameter. Just like their namesake, garden sheds are more suitable to store equipment and tools.

Garden rooms like we have on our catalogue are much higher in quality. With thicker walls and residential quality doors and windows, Eurodita’s garden rooms can serve as home offices, guest rooms or individual retreats. In warms seasons, Respite and its sister garden rooms can be slept in and used as they are without additional insulation. These features all make the garden room Respite our best selling product.

Ordering with Eurodita 

Even a relatively small timber construct as garden room Respite can be ordered bespoke. Small changes such as dimensions or wall thickness can make or break a deal. They can all be changed with our flexible production line. And bigger changes, such as window and door type, interior planning, delivery terms – all can be done or at least discussed. At Eurodita, we aim to deliver every order and so far, we have been very successful. 50 branch offices all over Europe is a testament to the quality, flexibility and trust our partners place in us as their timber structure supplier.

We worked hard to make the ordering process as easy as possible. Our website is very functional in this regard, by clicking a single button and filling out 1 form, you can send your requirements to us immediately. We work diligently to deliver a response within 24 hours. Our partners receive orders with full price and blueprints of the garden room they ordered. As a bonus, all our offers come with our partners’ insignia, so they can later use these offers to sell to their final clients.

Eurodita has made ordering and receiving garden rooms and other products as smooth as possible. We are happy to report that our partner feedback has been great, not just about the communication, but products as well. Because of the quality of our products, our partners’ profit margins have gone up 20%. We are always excited to see our partners succeed and we do everything to help them along the way.

Eurodita has always been eager to keep up with trends. Garden rooms and their popularity looks to be here to stay, at least for now. We plan to expand our garden room and garden office lines to cater to the public demand. Keep up with our newest models on our website and corresponding categories.