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Showcase: contemporary log house Windermere

As log home manufacturers, we are always striving to integrate modern designs into the traditional production of log houses and log cabins. That is how we have come up with the contemporary log house line, and one of our shining examples is the log house Windermere.

This is the outcome of 27 years of producing bespoke timber houses. Our technology and production line allows us to build these ultra modern designs like Windermere. Blocky and minimalist on the outside, it resembles contemporary residential houses popular around European suburbs. We added large windows to create the sense of space and tall glass doors for more openness. This contemporary log home designs are suitable not only as modern summer retreats, but also as the main residence. Windermere and its sisters can be prepared for insulation and comfortably house people throughout the changes in seasons.

Interior design

Resembling more a modern flat than a log house, Windermere boasts a great contemporary log cabin decor. Each room is planned to perform a specific function, but due to the flexibility of our production line, each can also be altered based on the customer request. The entire floor plan is based on comfort and logic, placed in such ways that everything is exactly where the client would need it. Additionally, the porch gives the sense of living closer to nature, while still retaining all the necessary comforts.

Every room, shown in this 3D rendering of the standard Windermere design, can be populated with furniture and all necessary equipment and amenities as per client wishes. We use this type of 3D modeling to help our partners sell the final product. When seeing the purpose of each room and the image of how it will look once all the construction work is completed, it’s easier for customers to gauge the return on their investment. We allow our partners to use these renderings of the final product as their own, in their own offers to ease the sales process.




Use of technology 

We are truly proud of Windermere’s design, as it brings us and in turn our partners right into the contemporary residential log cabins market. We always offer these designs to partners whose clients demand something new and innovative. That is also possible due to our investment into technology. The software we use to make these designs we have developed for ourselves. Because of that, now it is possible for us to offer our partners a speedy response to their bespoke orders. Full 3D model, with altered indoor and outdoor designs, floor plans, interior decorations, dimension changes and primary price offer. All this is possible now within the range of 24 hours. That is the efficiency of offer delivery we have achieved by investing into our software and process management. Same standards are applied to our production and delivery processes. We aim for high-quality, quick production and timely transport. All products, including log cabin Windermere arrive to your chosen location flat packed and ready to be assembled. Everything we develop inside our company is aimed at efficiency, quality and partner growth.

Contemporary vs traditional

A lot of customers consider these two approaches as juxtaposed against each other. However, we believe that both ways can be integrated to provide great results. All contemporary log cabins for sale here are the outcome of matching both classic and modern together. It’s the classic building of a log cabin that made the wooden frame of the log cabin possible. Yet, it’s the modern approach to the exterior look and interior design that makes it modern and sturdy. The modern flat approach to the interior floor plan makes Windermere comfortable and chic, while the use of classic timber material still gives it the sense of coziness and living closer to nature. In other words, one would not be possible without the other.

We aim to always look for the most modern techniques for our glulam beams houses and log cabins. It gives us an edge on the quality side of things, as well as provides genuinely terrific design ideas. Contemporary log cabin Windermere is available on our catalogue for all our partners to offer on their own portfolios. We are also very open for alterations to its design through our bespoke orders system. We are always open to change and offer the bespoke manufacturing of dreams to all partners.


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