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A clockhouse is called so because of the unique triangular apex above the front door. That shape came about from much larger buildings that did have huge clocks under these triangular little roofs. Now this aesthetic has been passed down to the modern glulam log homes. It gives the sense of classic stoicism, yet because of the building material – namely logs – it also retains the sense of coziness.

That is why we added clockhouse log cabin Clarke to our assortment. It’s a standard log cabin from all aspects, yet it has this fairly unique, classic look to it because of the simple addition of the front apex. Our partners’ customers even have enough space to attach a real clock up there if they wanted to.

Exterior and interior

Clockhouse log cabins are all about the exterior. Their classic frame gives them the unique look everyone is looking for. Bespoke log cabins for sale don’t have to all be generic. With Eurodita as a production partner, businesses can order new, bespoke clockhouse designs and build their own subcategory, specialising in this specific type of log cabin.

The interior of clockhouse log cabin Clarke is a traditional take on most log cabins. It’s a single room, open to be furnished or modified as necessary. Tall windows let in a lot of sunlight, making it light and breezy. The log cabin can be fitted with a kitchen and even the bathroom and is perfectly fit to be a cozy summer residence.

Order process

Everyone can order a product from Eurodita. However, we specialise in working in B2B framework and usually work through a network of partners. Every company, whether they are traders, builders, in the recreation industry or land owners – they can all become our partners. These partners can order clockhouse log cabin or our other products easily through the order system.

To place an order, all they need to do is fill out the bespoke order form with requirements they have for their clockhouse. It can be size, wall thickness, even window type. We accept even sketches of their dream clockhouse as examples of how the final product should look like.

After this simple form is filled in, that’s where our work can start. By using original software, built specifically for our needs, we will provide our partners with an offer within 24 hours. This offer will contain not only the price, but also all measurements, layout of the clockhouse and the final look, rendered as a realistic 3D model.

For our partners, these offers are also available with their own logos and insignia. That way, they can use these offers as their own, making the selling process to the end customer much easier.

Delivery and construction

Clockhouse log cabin Clarke will reach our partners neatly packed in parts, which then will need to be assembled, not unlike a puzzle. All our partner will need to make sure of is the adequate foundation for the building, electricity and water installations, if necessary, and interior design. This method of delivery in parts and assembly on site is much faster than building everything from scratch and is the reason why we will always recommend choosing glulam log cabins for those that want their buildings to rise up quickly.

Best use of clockhouses

This type of quick construction is highly recommended for owners of recreational facilities – businessmen and women that are looking for ways to populate their land with log cabins and rent them out to holidaymakers. It will look especially endearing and striking with clockhouses neatly placed around a beautiful nature landscape.

Because of how quickly they can be built and relatively low price compared to building log cabins from timber logs, it’s great investment with a possibility of strong partnership and high quality.

We always welcome new partners in any stage of their business. Clockhouse log cabin Clarke and other standard log cabins are always available on our catalogue to be ordered as they are. However, because Eurodita is a bespoke manufacturer of dreams, we are always looking for new and unique projects to bring to life. Our partner program page is always open for new inquiries.


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