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Camping has always been a traditional way of spending time in summer. Fresh air, tents, a lake or a river nearby, a bonfire with grilled hot dogs and s’mores. That is the idilic image a lot of people remember fondly from their camping days. However, now there is a new trend of camping. The children that went with their parents for more traditional camping grew up and followed their own ideas of camping. That is how the glamorous camping trend was born.

The short version of the official term is glamping and it still implies fresh air, lakes, bonfires, s’mores and more. The biggest difference is the way people stay in nature. Tents have now been replaced with camping pods – a modern and durable take on the camping equipment. They usually contain everything the guest needs to comfortably stay out in the wilderness, including a bathroom and a fridge. That is why the whole affair has been removed from the traditional camping and rebranded into something more appropriate – glamorous camping. In fact, this new age type of camping has become so popular, we as log cabins supplier couldn’t help but get on the trend and offer our own line of camping pods, fit for a glorious glamping trip.

As a representative of these pods, in this showcase, we present the camping pod Opula. This pod not only shows the comfort and possibilities of our production line, but also introduces the full glamping experience in one pod.

Luxury for campers 

Camping pods have been a popular addition to our portfolio. It’s especially popular among our partners that are working the recreation business, as they can easily assemble an entire camping site by ordering straight from our catalogue.

What is also beneficial for our partners is the full spectrum of options we have that instantly creates the luxurious camping experience glampers are looking for. Camping pod Opula can reach our partners with full electrical installation, sets of wooden furniture that fit neatly into the pod and the entire camping pod can arrive pre-assembled if necessary. Opula has enough room for 2 double beds, a bathroom, a kitchen and a common room area. It’s a fully constructed glamping experience all in one pod.

Bespoke orders

With our inclusive pod home kits, it’s easy to assume that we have everything for everyone. However, luxury camping can be tricky, especially if your customers are more demanding than usual. For that, each of our camping pods, including Opula, can be ordered bespoke. That means, all our partners get to choose not only the size, wall thickness or type of timber, but also any other aspects that they might require.

On the side of camping pod Opula’s description, there’s a bespoke order button. By pressing it, our partners can indicate the exact specifications they have for the camping pod and attach a sketch. From there, it’s up to us to make a fair offer.

We make our offers with a software, deliberately built for us to render the final camping pod looks in 3D. With this, it’s so much easier for our partners to imagine how their dream pods will look like. It’s also easier to have an idea of how their camping site will look like after it’s been filled with those glamping pods. Not to mention the fact that we provide prices and blueprints for the pods within 24 hours, all so our partners can do their business quickly and efficiently.

Delivery terms

Much like all our other log constructions, camping pod Opula can reach our partners flat packed and ready for assembly. What is unique about Eurodita‘s camping pods is that, upon request, they can also reach our partners fully constructed. Because these camping pods do not require foundation to be present, they can arrive ready to be deployed and used.

This of course depends greatly on where the partner’s site is located. Some countries require additional permits for transporting such a large object and in most extreme cases, transporting also requires police escort. But everything is possible and we always invite our partners to discuss all options before making the final delivery decision.

Camping is going to stay popular no matter what. Forms change and tools improve, but the essence of spending time together in nature remains the same. Eurodita is happy to join the glamping trend and offer our pods for the comfortable stay.

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