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Eurodita is always proud to present ourselves as the bespoke manufacturer of dreams. Be it a log house, modern garden room or a camping pod – we can make it personal and unique. That was the kind of project we had in log cabin Finlandia. Inspired by Nordic simplicity and ergonomics, this log cabin offers a lot of space and functionality. As a summer house, it’s quite lavish and can house a large family or a group of guests. Log cabin Finlandia can be a perfect recreational destination, with everything necessary for a comfortable stay under one roof. Alternatively, it can also serve as a residence, with walls ready for insulation. This way, it can serve all year round as a great place to settle.

For our partners, we would like to introduce a little bit more about how such a log cabin can be produced and how bespoke residential log cabins such as this could appear on your catalogue as well.

First impressions 

Log cabin Finlandia order came directly from our partner. It must have been inspired by the simple and functional log cabins used in Finland, Sweden and Norway. There, vacationing in your own or rented log cabin is a way of life. Adding a timber sauna, or a BBQ hut in Finland, next to any log cabin is also a common occurrence. We have takes inspiration from the spirit of Nordics and Scandinavia and produced log cabin Finlandia. It’s a single storey log cabin, with 4 rooms around a central common room. It’s spacious, able to contain all necessary amenities under one roof: the kitchen, the bathroom, even walk-in wardrobe and storage. All interior decisions are left up to the partner and their client.

Order placement – an essential step

Log cabin Finlandia was an idea, a dream in someone’s mind. That dream came down as a sketch, which we were able to turn into the 3D model you see in this post. That was made possible by our bespoke software, built specifically for us and our needs. Together with professional software engineers, we dedicated 2 years to build this tool, so that our partners could enjoy quick, accurate and quality renders of the dream log homes.

To create such an accurate 3D render, we require accurate information. That is why we also ask all our partners to place their exact orders through our website. We guide them through the process and so far, we had only positive reviews. Log cabin Finlandia and all other log cabins and structures can be adapted through this system to the requirements placed by our partners’ clients.

Large size and delivery

Log cabin Finlandia is not small. Its external dimensions are 8870mm x 13580mm, not to mention all additional assets that come with the construction kit – namely doors and windows. The natural question arises about transportation. Upon the partner’s request, we handle our own transportation or advise on the best way it could be done. The log cabin reached our partners in parts that are ready to be assembled. These parts are then flat packed neatly and safely transported with a truck or in a shipping container, depending on the distance. We are proud to say that with this technique and our due diligence with the transport companies, 95% of deliveries experienced no delays. This is more of an achievement and a point of trust by our partners, because we operate in 18 countries in total.

Timely production

Something like log cabin Finlandia was surely not built in a day. For faster production, we have standard log cabins and sheds that can be produced much faster. This does not deter our partners though, as we have adopted the philosophy of quality over quantity. This allows us to produce the beautiful constructions like log cabin Finlandia, even if it takes longer than a standard log cabin. Our partners, who have embarked with us through our partnership program, appreciate this and report improvement in sales, profits and overall business.

With our vast network in 18 countries and growing, we are always looking to invite new partners in. Every single one might require special orders, bespoke solutions and made to measure log cabins. We are happy with these challenges and are always looking for something new. Log cabin Finlandia is a proof of this, as are other unique log cabins we have constructed. Reach out to us and inquire about any log cabin you wish to build for your client. We will be looking forward to the challenge.





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