Self-isolation: how to choose the best cabin for your needs

Posted Nov 16, 2020, Category: Advice

The global pandemic is still sweeping across all continents, driving many of us into isolation. Working from home is just one aspect, but our lives consist of more than just work. Our social life, entertainment, hobbies, exercise routines – all of that is moving indoors, into our homes and online. Yet our homes are not infinite. They cannot be stretched to an endless limit and eventually we have to look for ways to move our habits someplace else.

In our previous post, we covered how contemporary log cabins can help with this endeavour. In this post, we will focus on matching log cabins to the activity they would be housing. Our catalogue is brimming with many great bespoke and standard log cabins as options, but not every log cabin can serve all needs.

Garden rooms

Garden rooms are relatively small, compact options that literally fit into a garden. Made from high quality timber and fitted with residential quality, tall windows and doors, garden rooms can serve many great purposes. As a playroom for children, garden rooms have more than enough room for various playtime and learning activities. They can also be used as a study room, where children can participate in their online classes without disturbances. They create finite, compact space and can act as boundaries for children.

Garden rooms are probably the most versatile product on our catalogue. It can also be converted into a small, remote office or workroom. Moving the job away from home can mean as far as the garden – all disturbances will be left behind the tall, glass windows. Alternatively, garden rooms can also be transformed into a hobby corner – a quiet place where a person can take up their favourite activity, be it woodwork, painting, reading or anything else. Garden rooms will be able to contain all that private space.

Garden offices 

Created for more specific purpose, the garden offices on our catalogue boast more space compared to garden rooms. They provide a combination of light, shadow, view and privacy for an office work or studying. Although garden offices are larger in size, they still fit a small garden without much problem. As they will always arrive flat packed in parts, they can be carried into almost any building site and constructed from parts.

As is their namesake, garden offices are intended as separate working spaces within the property. However, they also work as great hobby spaces, remote home libraries and studies corners. Garden offices in our catalogue provide 2 separate spaces for work or study. Enough room to cater to the most demanding, remote office environment.

Log cabins

Whether bespoke or standard log cabins – there is a model that will serve your needs. Being one of our best-sellers, log cabins are versatile and can provide space for any number of remote activities. Starting off with everyone’s biggest challenge – remote work or study – the bespoke log cabin Folk would provide separate spaces for multiple remote workers that require their separate offices. On top of that, the roofed terrace can also serve as a great break room from long hours of remote desk work.

Bespoke garden log cabin Aurora is an option best suited to organise an in-house daycare or an activity space. With two roofed terraces on each side of a closed space, Aurora will be beneficial for big families with children. With this type of log cabin, children will have ample time to play in fresh air, while staying in a single, safe space. This cabin can also be used as a semi-outdoor hobby space.

Log houses

Self-isolating in remote log homes is seen as a success in many European and North American countries. For true remote living, consider offering your customers bespoke log homes. These are fully functional buildings that can be constructed in nearly half the time of a normal building in much more remote locations. The whole construct arrives in flat packed parts that can be assembled on site. Transportation in this case is much simpler and construction process much faster.

Log houses like Lucien are basic in design, yet provide everything necessary for comfortable living: a garage, a bedroom, living room & kitchen, a bathroom. This is a great option for small family that want to quickly secure their remote living spot. Log house Rome on the other hand is perfect for a bigger family. With 2 storeys, it has more than enough room to house families of 3 or 4 while still maintaining access to all necessary amenities. It’s very comfortable for remote living.

Final insights

Self-isolation will become a habit from 2020 onwards. While the pandemic is not under control, it’s reasonable to expect people choosing to live away from crowded urban centres and close-quarters work spaces. Log cabin homes and garden rooms can serve as a great solution to all our lives moving indoors. They can provide separate, adequate space for the activities we usually choose to engage in elsewhere. Eurodita is always happy to help our partners provide the best options for their customers. We are the bespoke log cabin company that is here to help in the more dire of needs.