Self-isolation during the pandemic: how log cabins can help

Posted Nov 13, 2020, Category: Advice

This year 2020 has been and still is a turbulent ride. The global pandemic still sweeping across continents has changed lives of many people. The most important aspect that has changed is the work life. The need for social distancing has brought on a wave of working from home – an office, after all, is a place where we mingle closely, for long periods of time. While working from home sounds like a great idea – no more early rising, commuting, freedom to make your own schedule – it also comes with significant challenges.

The main challenge is space for uninterrupted work. A lot of people, especially those with families, don’t have the luxury of separate working space. When work requires silence, in case of online calls or school, it’s also not always an option, especially when young children are involved. Then there are people that require special equipment that takes space. Work benches, large tables for drawing, whiteboards and so on – all this equipment takes space that can be hard to come by.

In this post, we at Eurodita want to contribute to offering solutions to at least some of these problems with what we do best – glulam log cabins. Our products can offer great ways to self-isolate for work or life purposes.

Separate the space

There is a theory about productivity that ascertains the importance of separating spaces for different types of activities. Usually, this is achieved by simply going to those places, outside of home: work, gym, entertainment, rest. With majority of facilities that support these life habits closed, our the division between spaces disappeared as well. This separation helped our brain get into focusing on the given task. Being at work becomes easier to focus on said work, being in the gym – on exercise and so on.

We are now left to divide our own spaces and take care of our own productivity. And the best way to do so is to divide our home into separate, dedicated spaces. This can be a challenge, especially if there are no separate spaces for work or exercise. That is where glulam garden offices come in.

Self-isolation during the pandemic: how log cabins can help

Garden office

One home office idea that can be a versatile solution. A separate space in the garden – a work cabin, if you will – can keep the productivity at high levels, without impeding on home life. Garden offices on our catalogue can contain all necessary tools for office work: desks, shelves, computers, even work benches and drawing tables. For teaches, it’s perfectly suitable to run a remote classroom, with enough room to set up a board.

Garden offices are also great to maintain privacy. With high-quality, lockable doors and good sound isolation properties of the wood itself, they will provide perfect place for silent, private space. Work life can be difficult in the office too, and such private space will surely help increase productivity.

Self-isolation during the pandemic: how log cabins can help

Garden school and playroom

The benefits of a garden room or a garden office do not stop with general work. School is just as affected by this global pandemic, and pupils that are studying now will face great challenges ahead in life due to disrupted school year. This can be mitigated with setting up a proper learning space for them at home. School-age children should benefit from a garden room, where they can learn online uninterrupted. A glulam garden room will create such a space and provide ample time for schoolwork, homework and other learning-related activities.

Younger children that have no more access to kindergartens can also benefit from the garden room. A safe, isolated play area can be created and supplied with everything children need to not get bored: toys, equipment needed for their favourite hobby, visual entertainment, games and so on. It will create the feeling of separation between home kindergarten and actual home. More than that, it will allow children to stay busy safely, in one place.

Final thoughts

In our next post, we will also cover on how to choose the best cabin kits for your home office or school. Here we focused on garden rooms, but there are so many other options, each suitable for different situations. We hope that our partners and end customers will stay safe during this trying time and will find ways to manage their work and home lives. We can only hope to help in any small way.