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Real Log Cabins UK

As the name suggests, authentic log cabins in the UK come from the heart of the country, in the North of England. Log cabins have been a significant feature of life in the Lake District for over a thousand years and are still a key attraction for those wishing to explore the local countryside. Today’s hotels can hardly compete with the cosy comfort of an authentic log cabin, let alone the wide selection of Lake District holiday homes to choose from.

If you are lucky enough to live close to a lake, you will almost certainly have seen one or two tiny wooden houses sitting on a corner of the water. They are most likely unnoticeable from the road, but if you stop and look, they can be imposing indeed. These houses were built hundreds of years ago, long before modern housing developments came about. The builders did an excellent job of fitting the cabin with all the amenities that would have been available at a time when housebuilders relied mainly on timber to build. The houses in the Lake District have been refurbished many times over to keep in tune with the times, but their character and charm remain. No matter what time of year you visit, you will find something different to do in the Lake District.

As well as the usual outdoor activities, visitors to the Lake District can explore the many caves, sinkholes and waterfalls. Some are so deep that you cannot descend the steps; others are so shallow that you cannot enter them. All types of natural scenery are to be found in the Lake District. The most famous forts of the period are Tatton and Cemaes Castle. These are the traditional forts that the Romans used centuries past. Other popular attractions include Arundel Castle, Glastonbury Tor, Cheddar Gorge, and Lake District logs.

As well as the usual outdoor activities, visitors to the Lake District can participate in sporting activities. In addition, Lake District log cabins are ideal for families looking to escape it all. Lake District National Park is another popular option. You can walk, drive or bike to your house and enjoy the stunning views, landscapes and idyllic villages.

In design, many new cabins are built to a strict Victorian standard, using mortise and tenon joints. Many log cabins have been made to specific sizes, depending on the area of the lake that they are built in. Some have been purposely designed as self-catering facilities and can quickly adapt to the owner’s needs.

People looking for log cabins for sale often look towards the country surrounding the Lake District. Many of these cabins are designed to appeal to a more rustic lifestyle. They are built in oak, beech or pine. A cottage in the Lake District can be designed and built to exacting standards. Houses are built with their foundations and finished with expert handiwork.

Once people consider purchasing a log cabin in the Lake District, they need to consider what they are looking for. Some people may prefer a quiet, out-of-the-way location with little to do. Others are keen on a spot where they can let their imagination run free. Some people also like a building near amenities and other tourists. Others want to sit in the sun and look at the scenery. There are cottages to suit every budget and taste.

Buying a log cabin online has never been easier. The range of options available has also never been more fantastic. An online search allows you to find everything from basic units to luxurious houses. If you are considering buying a log cabin in the UK, why not consider one built to the highest standards? You can choose from a wide range of designs and finishes.

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