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Reflecting on over 20 years in business.

Posted Mar 07, 2020, Category: Business

How we started, grew over the years, and became the bespoke manufacturer of choices.

The year 1994: we started Eurodita in the environment that was then called wild capitalism. We started proudly, as proudly did our country leave the Soviet block just two years before our establishment. At that time, there was no right or wrong way to start a business. There were no success stories, no big players yet established, and there was almost no one doing business internationally.

It was the environment that would form our current business values, our approach to customer service, and our will for mutual growth with Eurodita’s partners.

In 1994 we started a business that would, in due time, become international. But there was a long way to go before that happened.

How it all started.

The first products we offered to the international market were shed homes — England’s favoured type of homes. There was a high demand, so our business model was relatively simple — find the resources to manufacture and meet England’s then-high demand.

Essentially, we went international from the very early days in business. It was nowhere near what you would expect, yet it was this beginning that formed Eurodita into the company serving partners across the globe today.

Now, it may look like we hold an enviable position, running a profitable, growing, highly admired log structure business serving loyal customers. But for years, we had to do whatever the market demanded us do, with little to no room for interpretation or experimentation.

We were small, and while we were good at what we did, we sold a homogenous product that made us easy to replace. In essence, we were price takers that would conform to the requests of our overseas customers without a say.

The market demanded us to produce complex structures that were native to the English, not the Lithuanian market. It wasn’t easy to find the right materials or engineers that would design our products.

Yet, in the wild post-Soviet era capitalism, it was miraculous to have international partners for a Lithuanian business. Therefore, we did not even question the demands of global markets. And with growing globalisation, our company only expanded — in due time, our partner network was joined by the Nordic countries.

How it elevated.

It was not until the 1999’s-2000’s that we finally reached a size significant enough for our voice to be heard at the negotiations table.

Manufacturing shed homes was difficult, the competition was fierce, and the profit margins were not sufficient for exponential growth.

Therefore, we shifted focus. The Scandinavians introduced us to Nordic timber, and we quickly noticed its benefits.
Nordic timber demonstrated excellent quality. It looked visually appealing, and it was easy to turn into a home — the home that would become our very first Eurodita log home.

And then we started private labels.

Only then did we start rapidly growing. While we had competition in the log home market, Nordic timber was rarely used because of its distance to Central Europe and its relatively high Nordic price.

However, our relationships with the North allowed us to negotiate exceptional contracts with our suppliers. The timber log home era began, launching us into the embodiment of a customer-first philosophy.

A customer-first philosophy.

Our initial launch into the international market was rough, with rough being the understatement. But it taught us a lot — we had no other choice but to care for every customer need, every detail, every request. It seemed hard, tiring and, sometimes, even annoying.

But it was the right approach to business. It was what allowed us to grow, capture market shares of our competitors and expand into the multinational company that we are today, serving partners across the globe.

We opposed every wrong market trend. Manufacturers in France, Italy, the UK all sold homogenous products that were built to the same mainstream standard. But it was never what we wanted to do.

That is why at Eurodita, we took a customer-first approach always to go an extra mile.

An extra mile to manufacture better products that stand out, to provide customer care that cares, and to deliver products wherever you need them when you need them.

Because customer-first is the only right philosophy in business.

We are leading into the future.

And now, we are taking a step to be innovators — to lead change within the market and set a high-quality standard across the globe.

From now, Eurodita is the first to produce 1:1 3D drawings of log structures. Because of true leaders pioneer.

Our lives are defined by choices and how we choose our partners is no different. What makes us different is not just what we do, but the choices we offer to you to help make your business-to-business experience with us like no other. Try customer-first philosophy. Try Eurodita.

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