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Architectural Glulam Beams for Construction

Eurodita offers a cutting-edge line of glue laminated timber beams, expertly crafted for load-bearing applications including straight and curved beams, arches, frames, and trusses. Tailored to the unique specifications of our clients, our timber structures are fabricated using top-grade Lithuanian, Scandinavian, and Siberian wood – spruce, pine, and larch. These are bonded with resilient adhesives for supreme durability and offered in three aesthetic grades: industrial, standard, and premium.

Our beams come in a spectrum of widths, heights, and shapes to satisfy diverse architectural demands, boasting impressive strength, stability, and the ability to bridge vast spaces. We ensure each beam is calibrated and planed to perfection, with moisture content meticulously controlled to 12%±2%.

Eurodita’s products meet the highest quality standards, certified by prestigious institutes and adhering to stringent environmental policies. We not only promise outstanding structural advantages, such as the ability to span up to 100 meters, resistance to moisture and harsh chemicals, and exceptional fire safety but also emphasize economic savings, thermal insulation, and aesthetic versatility. Our eco-friendly approach guarantees that our structures contribute positively to the environment, reflecting our commitment to sustainability and innovation in building solutions??.

Standard warehouse dimensions

Width / Height (mm) 100 120 140 160 200 240 280
60 + + + + + + +
80 + + + + + + +
100 + + + + + + +
120 + + + + + +
140 + + + + +
160 + + + +
180 + + +
200 + + +

Eurodita excels in the bespoke production of glue laminated (glulam) timber beams, offering a vast selection of load-bearing straight or curved beams, arches, frames, and trusses. Our glulam products are manufactured to meet specific client requirements or designs created by our skilled constructors, utilizing top-quality Lithuanian, Scandinavian, and Siberian timber such as spruce, pine, and larch.

The manufacturing process starts with careful selection of wood, ensuring each beam is robust and meets our exacting standards. We employ state-of-the-art drying techniques to achieve optimal moisture levels, followed by precision milling for uniform lamellas. The lamellas are then expertly bonded with advanced adhesives, ensuring longevity and resistance to moisture and chemicals.

Our beams, available in various widths, heights, and shapes, provide excellent strength and stability, making them ideal for large-span structures. Eurodita’s glulam beams are not only structurally versatile but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of buildings, offering an eco-friendly and energy-efficient building solution that is crafted with the future of our planet in mind.

This meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality ensures that Eurodita glulam beams are not just materials but a foundational component to create buildings that stand the test of time, both structurally and environmentally.